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Jun 6, 2014 11:56 AM

Recs for Lunch and Dinner at Mandalay Bay

Hi All,

We have a Vegas trip coming up in August, and we'll be spending Sunday and Monday at the Mandalay Bay. I was hoping you could help us figure out where to eat. We're planning on doing the brunch at Border Grill on Sunday, and then hopefully the Cut of the Week on Monday night, but that leaves dinner on Sunday and lunch on Monday. I know there are many great places to eat in Las Vegas (we've eaten at many of them), but for these two days, we don't want to have to get in a car, so please limit the recs to Mandalay Bay or within an easy walk (in the heat of august). Also, there's no price constraint, or food style preference. We'd just like to know your opinions on the best restaurants in that area.

Thanks to everyone.

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  1. How about Sunday brunch at The Four Seasons and Monday lunch at Border Grill? Charlie Palmer's Aureole is certainly a top contender for a great night out dinner.

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      Good call..

      Maybe a cab for lunch to Lotus of Siam..
      I like to order an extra tofu pad Thai spicy for that late night, gotta eat something.

      Verandah at the FS is lovely.
      Burger Bar.
      Border Grill too after swimming at the beach pool.

      1. re: Beach Chick

        Hi Beach Chick,

        We are huge fans of LOS, and we'll definitely be hitting it during the first half of our Vegas trip.

        Thanks for the good word on Verandah and Burger Bar, and after seeing Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken on top chef, we've become fans, so we definitely want to try Border Grill.

    2. That Brunch is excellent. Stick with it.

      As to dinner, not Stripsteak. I don't do a lot of meals in that area in general so I'm short of recommendations save for Burger Bar at lunch, but I'll rally against Stripsteak until the cows come home for how they butchered a celebration there and didn't have the courtesy to apologize.

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        Thx for the 1+ on Sunday at The Four Seasons....as to Stripsteak....I have never ranked that in my top 20 in Las Vegas....even the setting belies what a good steakhouse should be all about....hard to believe that it's still there as MM opens more places within MGM Resorts....

      2. So Stripsteak is definitely out of the question. Uhockey, you do a lot of great work on these boards and with your blog, and I am more than happy to support you.

        Any thoughts between Aureole, RM, Mix, or Fleur for dinner? From what I've been reading, it sounds like they all may have seen better days. Has anyone been to one of these recently? Or perhaps does anyone have an opinion on one of the new, more casual places like Rx Boiler Room, or Citizen's Kitchen and Bar?

        Thanks for the advice!

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          I visited MIX a while ago and very much enjoyed it - Ducasse's food is classic and the desserts match the view in 'wow' factor.

          RM gets good reviews and Rx does also, though I hear the later is pricey for the quality.

          One might look into PRESS at The Four Seasons for Tapas and desserts.

          Citizen's - I dunno - the brunch menu looks interesting enough but seems pricey/sceney compared to others.

          Aureole always strikes me as a place I SHOULD go, but never quite makes the cut. Same for RM, though their lunch menu looks tempting.

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            I am a big fan of Rick Moonen (RM)....usually suggest it over almost anyone in town...for fish. He is a major force in sustainable product; but for more casual outing. MIX would be just as good as a late night venture rather than a dinner...maybe a small plate or late night dessert with drinks while enjoying one of the best views in Vegas.

            PS: Hello to "the Chick"...you do get around :-)

            1. re: VegasGourmet

              'Hello to "the Chick"...you do get around :-)'

              But in a good way. .

          2. re: riggle

            I really like RM - I think they do a fantastic job with their seafood. Drinks are also very good in the lounge area.

            I would advise you to skip Fleur. The menu isn't really outstanding or notable in any way, but the service can be real hit or miss. I've eaten there 4 times over the past couple years. I've had average service twice and really negligent, lazy, and dismissive service the other two times. They were never especially busy during any of my visits and I couldn't put my finger on what the causes were.

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              That's too bad. My wife has a soft spot for Hubert Keller from watching him on tv, but it seems we may have to try his place in SF and skip this one in Vegas.

              Thanks for repping RM. No doubt it will be a strong contender.

              1. re: riggle

                His place in SF closes permanently on 6/28/14.

          3. Just got back from there and writing reviews. Four Seasons Verandah a must. Border Grill usually bust seems to have stumbled. People that rave about RM...must look past the really bad attitude of servers and the $15 clam chowder. More coming...

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              Hey LVI,

              Thanks for the warning about Border Grill (There's some good info on your review thread too).

              For the Verandah, would you recommend it for dinner (it looks to have a nice, modern Italian menu), or would you recommend it for brunch as VegasGourmet did?

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                Yes and yes. I will be writing a review for The Verandah shortly but I will say they have perfected their brunch a bit. And when I say perfected, they have added little cast iron pans that have their corned beef and pastrami hash in it and they are great. In the past it was pretty mediocre but now it is as good as a regular order. That have also added little mini Huevos. Very good, but still needs work to catch up to the regular order. 1 piece of advice for anyone going to the buffet, make you own English muffin for the eggs Benedict and take just the Canadian bacon, egg. The muffins turn hockey puck like and ruin a perfectly good Benedict.

                The dinners there are very well done and some dishes even sparkle. I remember two years ago they had a dish cooked in a mason jar that was stunning. And they have many good pastas. (My 12 year old son says they have the best Mac-n-cheese ever! :-) ). And the staff there is really wonderful.

            2. We hosted our daughter's wedding reception at Aureole last May, and we were pleased with the food and service. We had a private room, but the main dining room was absolutely deafening. If you like to have a conversation when you dine, you might be out of luck.