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Best Butcher Shop in Chicago (or suburbs)

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Apologies if it has already been discussed..

What is the what the best butcher shop in Chicago?
Specifically, dry aged beef (porterhouse, ribeye, strip).


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  1. For dry aged beef, my vote goes to Allen Bros. on S. Halsted.

    1. Josephs, on west Addison, almost to Harlem in NW Chicago. An "old school" neighborhood butcher. Good meat, wonderful people. But, I confess, I don't know whether they dry age their beef; that's not my focus.

      1. For dry aged beef, go to Zier's in north suburban Wilmette. They specialize in prime grade beef and other meats, including game, and do their own smoking. I've gotten dry aged prime rib there numerous times and it's always turned out as good as the best prime rib you can find anywhere, including the finest restaurants. www.ziersprime.com

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        1. Joseph's finest meats

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            Chicagoist must be responding to your inquiry: http://chicagoist.com/2013/08/14/chic...

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              They're responding to the city part of the inquiry, not the suburbs part. :)