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Jun 6, 2014 10:17 AM

Help A Girl Out - Two Days in Sonoma

I will be in Sonoma June 20 and 21. I want to check out wineries in Sonoma proper that have great wine but also great views. I am thinking 3-4 per day. I also want to have a very special wine + food tasting for a meal. Here are the suggestions I've gathered so far.

Valley of the Moon
St. Francis Winery & Vineyards - Meal spot
Gundlach Bundschu 
Ram's Gate Winery - Meal spot
Patz and Hall
Bartholomew Park Winery
Larson Family Winery
Robledo Family Winery
Walt Wines
Robert Hunter Winery

Which ones are the extra special spots? Thanks for your insight!

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  1. We enjoyed the wine and the cave tour at Robert Young Winery the last time we were there (It has been a while).

    1. The first thing to know about Sonoma valley is that it is
      big! Much bigger than Napa, and it is divided into different
      areas which specialize in different wines: Russian River
      (pinot noir, chard, some cold weather syrah), Alexander
      Valley (big cabs), Dry Creek (zins and Italian varieties),
      Glen Ellen (most diverse). You wont be able to zip in and out of all these areas in a day (although Alexander
      Valley and Dry Creek are on opposite sides of 101 and
      easy to get to from each other). I would advise
      using Healdsburg as a base. If it was me, in
      Russian River, I would visit a subset of Merry Edwards,
      Dutton Goldfield, Red Car, Rochioli, Moshin...
      In Dry Creek, I would have Litton Ridge and Unti on my list. Note also that many wineries have tasting rooms
      in Healdburg (Stonestreet, Hawley, Rosenblum, Selby...) so it is easy to spend an afternoon there
      walking from one tasting room to another.

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      1. re: bclevy

        I strongly second Unti - note that you have to make an appointment.
        If you are in Healdsburg, don't miss Seghesio. They hâve fantastique Zins (I typically hate Zins) and the venue is great.

      2. Iron Horse is at the top of their game.

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        1. re: collioure

          I second that. Iron Horse has some wonderful views and great product.

        2. Stubb's. Pinot Noir primarily. It's un-marked- you sit in their living room and they bring out the bottles and talk with you. You need to get an invitation. Look them up and get in touch...

          1. I assume that when you say "Sonoma proper" that you mean in and near the town of Sonoma. If that's correct, some of the replies here are for further-afield parts of Sonoma county (a very large county). To me, near the town of Sonoma would include Sonoma Valley (Hwy 12 north) up to Kenwood.

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            1. re: Malcolm Ruthven

              I enjoyed Buena Vista winery near downtown Sonoma.
              If downtown, you must also have the iced coffee liquor drink at the Swiss hotel. They make their own secret mix.
              I also stumbled into a nice farmers market in Sonoma on Thursdays.

              1. re: Agrippa

                Farmer's market on Thursdays? I thought it was on Fridays.