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Jun 6, 2014 09:08 AM

VegasGourmet suggested we start a running list of the JT food scale, a solid 5.5 of comfort food that is both unique to Paris as well as comforting.

A while back, VegasGourmet suggested that "perhaps we can develop an ongoing thread from you and your compatriots that can give us those, on the JT food scale, a solid 5.5 of comfort food that is both unique to Paris as well as comforting and accessible to those of us that do not have your expertise (and never will)." So here's my start:
Best price-quality of 2014 (derived by multiplying the Talbott 0-10 scores with the price of meals per couple) – best price quality is top – that is, Yard.
44 Yard
53 BAT
57 Le Servan
57 La Table de Cybele
59 Mangetout
66 L’Envie du Jour
67 Huitrier Regis
73 Bistro du Maquis
75 Bon Georges
75 Le Clown Bar
79 Will
83 La Maison de l’Amerique Latine
94 Jeremie
100 Kigawa
106 AT

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  1. What about restaurants open longer than a year or two? How are they accounted for on your scale? Specifically, you say fine things about ZKG, but they aren't on your list. I also don't see FISH, which is a pretty darn good food value. How do these "older" restaurants fit into what you want said? Help me out as I'm confused.

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    1. re: hychka

      If you'll read my post I said in 2014.
      Restaurants from 1800-2013 are way too many for me to handle - perhaps you can start a list.

      1. re: John Talbott

        Fear not. You will have no competition from me. I just have trouble comparing your apples to your former years' apples. Anyway, your advice has been excellent.

    2. I'm assuming when you state the price per couple that you're referring to lunch, not dinner?

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      1. re: Nancy S.

        Yes - to be clear - my prices are always per couple at lunch with 1 bottle of wine, no bottled water and 2 coffees.
        After that all bets are off.

        1. re: John Talbott

          I remember once a long time ago you posted the components of your rating scale. To keep us all on the same page, would you do that again?

          What goes into your "quality" rating? Food only? Any proportion given to decor? comfort? service?

          1. re: mangeur

            "components of your rating scale."
            Oh Lord, I insist it only has to do with food as opposed to my dear friend RofP who says "it's the total experience." (Ironically or logically we wind up at the same number).
            I had a discussion about rating ambiance, decor, welcome, service and such with my cherished friend and agitator, Parigi today. (We were in a place with much charm, a great host, prompt delivery of plates, great choice of items, terrific wines and ho-hum food.) Once again we wound up at the same number.
            When I do a 10 point rating and add it all up (and I'll let you, like hitchka, do the searches, I've got work to do) it turns out my gut rating is usually the same as a complicated system.
            Mangeur - go with your gut. The rest is fluff.

      2. Merci, JT.....

        Here's hoping that others will add...and I do concur with hychka.....some of those places in the 5th, 6th, and 7th (PY territory) that have been around for years....Le Tournebievre, L'Estrapade, Brasserie name a few....Parnassien, in a recent thread, did bring up a few "old standbys" that might fit the mold of "5.5 +comfort"....

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        1. re: VegasGourmet

          "Le Tournebievre, L'Estrapade, Brasserie Bourbon"
          Huh? You lost me there, you never heard those out of my mouth or off my pen.

          1. re: John Talbott

            John....I did not say that you wrote about them....My point is that perhaps, you or other expats/locals, should do just that....and, in a recent thread on St Germain dining, Parnassien mentioned Bastide d'Opio that falls into what I would call 5.5 + comfort....a restaurant found on TA with a wide range of warm and inviting comments; both about the food and ambience and service, qualities that seem to be part of your numerical thoughtprocess.

        2. Not to get too mathematical, but I don't get your formula. Shouldn't it be the Talbott 0-10 score (higher score is better), divided by the price per couple (where the lower the cost, the better). Since price is now in the denominator, the lower the cost per meal, the higher the overall score. With your system, is it the lowest score that is the best (i.e. Yard wins with a 44). But high quality should account for a higher overall score? So there's a built-in contradiction to your formula, unless I'm missing something?

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          1. re: bauskern

            "Best price-quality of 2014 (derived by *multiplying* the Talbott 0-10 scores with the price of meals per couple) – best price quality is top – that is, Yard."\

            Please re-read the "Venerable"'s OP

            1. re: UPDoc

              I did read the OP, and that's where I got confused. Best food rating X highest price = best/most expensive. I don't think that's what this scale was looking to score; rather, the best meal per cost ratio. To me, it should be the ratio of "food quality score" divided by the cost per person, not multiplied.

              Please re-read the OP.
              * actually I'm not a big fan of numerical ratings period, so I'm not too invested in this!

          2. You are SO beloved John!

            How is Le Clown Bar?

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            1. re: Beach Chick

              You need to go to Vegas and have VegasGourmet show you the town...he knows his food in LV.

              1. re: Beach Chick

                ...and the "chick" knows her Socal. :-)