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When you go to (town south of Boston), get the ( item or dish) at ( place)...

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What are your do not miss items if you are heading to or through and area south of Boston....

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    1. south of Boston, but North of the Cape.

      1. If you're into lobster, mac and cheese, go to "The Fat Cat" in Quincy center. I think their's is one of the very best I've tasted if not the very best. Very good spicy muscles and really good ribs. Fabulous fries.

        1. Olympian Diner in Braintree....get the blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon

          1. FarFar's Danish Ice Cream, Duxbury

            1. Penne and eggplant at Trattoria San Pietro in Norwell.
              Curry fried green beans at Hola in Marshfield.

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                Green beans were awesome!!! crunchy and hit of spice, sat outside by the fireplace in a little outdoor nook..hidden gem, ..great recommendation!!

              2. Coconut cake at Arthur and Pats in Marshfield

                A glazed cruller (or one of your favs)at the Dunkin Donuts on Rt 18, Weymouth...one of the 2 DD in New England that still make their donuts in-house. What a difference! They also still make some of the varieties the other DD don't have anymore. I stopped buying donuts at any other DD years ago when they stopped making them in-house.

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                1. Kristin's in Braintree, great pancake place, they have all different types from fluffernutter to white chocolate raspberry pancakes

                  1. Jake's Seafood Nantasket Beach get the lobster roll.


                    1. Fried chicken livers at Tosca-Hingham

                      Fish taco at Square Cafe-Hingham

                      Lobster roll and/or chowder at Lobster Express -Hull

                      Falafel, Hummus, gyros Cedar Cafe-Hanover

                      Salted caramels and turtles Hilliards-Hanover

                      Fish stew Sintra-Braintree

                      1. I use to like the Colonial Restaurant in downtown Plymouth but hear a rumor that it closed. It had old fashioned comfort food. The upstairs tavern may be open but not sure what the menu is.

                        I also really like

                        138 Main St
                        Kingston, MA (3.8 mi)

                        Hearth & Kettle in Weymouth or Plymouth is another old fashioned comfort food at reasonable prices. Haven't been for a while but it always had respectable dinning for families.

                        1. Randolph - Caffe Bella

                          the sauté pan of littlenecks mussels sausage garlic jalapeño tomato basil wood grilled bruschette..... We've had it many times. I bring home leftovers and add more shellfish and serve it over angel hair. I have never been able to recreate it myself - and I have tried more then once.

                          1. In the Plymouth Pinehills hinterlands, my dining companions always get the clam chowder at the Rye Tavern. The building is a historic tavern on the Plymouth - Sandwich (unpaved) carriage road. The chowder has a healthy dollop of bacon mashed potatoes and a fried clam or two on top. I'm a bigger fan of their local vegetables and more delicately treated seafood.

                            Solstice in the old train station in Kingston is pretty good, but I don't have a signature dish in mind there.

                            1. Italian sub (or alternately, meatball with provalone and pickles....I know, but trust me!) at Maria's Pizza and Subs in Scituate harbor, the pizza used to be better there, but they stopped using the cast iron pizza pans/conveyer belt oven system, so stick with the subs!

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                                OMG, is that place still there, I am md 50's and remember going there as a kid of 7 or8, we lived in the area until I was 16. My mom loved the chicken salad and I loooooved the italian!
                                thanks for the yummy memory.

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                                  Yup, still going strong....I am a little (but not much) younger than you, and can say it was my first cooking job (pizza boy )!

                              2. when we go to Marshfield for a beach day, we ALWAYS stop at Gerard farm for their turkey sandwich

                                1. Anything at Hola in marshfield but especially the fried green beans and the flat breads