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Jun 6, 2014 08:55 AM

The quintessential sour beers at WF Domain

Having never had a Rodenbach sour on tap before, I was delighted to find their Flemish Red and Grand Cru on tap at WF at the Domain. For those that haven't tried sours before, the Red is a wonderful start, but the Cru is a masterpiece. Makes going to Whole Paycheck all the more palatable.

For those lower carb folks out there - good beer and that lifestyle usually clash. Sours are a great alternative because they are typically left with significantly less residual sugar (hence the "sour" conversion of sugar to lactic acid). The Grand Cru is bracingly sour.

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  1. I may have to brave the crowds to give those a try. I've been enjoying St Arnold's Boiler Room lately, and the sour brews I've had at Jester King were excellent.

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      ret3 thanks, looks like they have an amazing selection, almost all of which use souring bacteria and local yeasts. can't wait to go.

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        the jester king experience today was phenomenal. got there right when they opened at noon and the lines were manageable and the seats in the shade still available. had le petite prince, la vie en rose, and das uberkind. all were stellar, but the last two just blew me away. and that la vie en rose is pretty as can be.

      2. Have you tried Austin Beerworks' sour offering? I had it a couple of months back at House Pizzeria. This is the only sour that i have ever had. I am a craft beer lover, but haven't developed a taste for sours yet (or actually don't really know), so i was wondering if this is a good one or not.

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          Not yet Troy Tempest, but thanks, I'll put it on my list. I'm a relative sour beer neophyte and just apparently happened on what a lot of people rate as the benchmark - the rodenbach grand cru - as my first exposure. boy is it sour too. The rodenbach red is a lot less sour because they blend it with a much larger proportion of young less sour beer. it's perhaps a good one to start with.

        2. I had an excellent sour brew last night at Billy's on Burnet; one of their last, as it turned out, as my friend went to get one on my recommendation a few minutes later and found them tapped out. If you can find it elsewhere, Real Ale's 18th Anniversary Gose is 5 IBUs, 4.5% ABV, with a fairly gentle sourness, coriander and citrus notes. I'd drink it all summer if I could.

          1. In terms of locally brewed sours, almost every beer from Jester King fits the bill, and are highly regarded nationally.

            Any berlinerweiss style beer will be sour, and low in ABV...great for summer drinking.

            Man, now I want to go to WF to find what they're carrying.

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              They've had the Rodenbachs for a while. what a brewery. And yes, another poster mentioned Jester King - it's high on my list of next "first tries".

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                I hear that they have a great brewery tour

            2. By the way, "Beer Fest" is going on at Central Market. If you buy more than $25 of beer, you get 20% off. They don't seem to be advertising that fact much which may explain why their beer aisles are still so stocked up, at least at the central location.