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Jun 6, 2014 08:13 AM

Frankfurt - places with a good range of beer?

Can anyone recommend restaurants/bars in Frankfurt that serve a good range of beer?

Friends are visiting next month and looking for casual options as well as somewhere to celebrate their anniversary (on a Sunday) but given I don't drink beer it's not something I know much about!

Any and all advice would be much appreciated - thank you.

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  1. Good range of beer generally or of just German beer?

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    1. After conversing w/ some beer savvy friends about Frankfurt I've learned a couple things. The traditional drink of the area is actually apfelwein (apple wine) not beer. Also the local beer (e.g. Binding-Brauerei) are not highly sought after.
      However there are good spots for beer including the following:

      Paulaner am Dom (Domplatz 6, 60311, Frankfurt) - Bavarian restaurant serving wursts, schnitzel, flatbreads and Paulaner beer imported from
      Bavaria;] Indoor and outdoor seating.

      Ginnheimer Wirtshaus (Am Ginnheimer Waldchen 8, 60431, Frankfurt) Restaurant/Biergarten Brewery which apparently boasts very good locally brewed beer w/ mostly main courses and snacks. A local favorite I'm told. 20 minutes outside Frankfurt centre.

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        thanks Chinon - they both look good. I really appreciate you taking the time to ask your friends for advice.