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Jun 6, 2014 04:29 AM

Dot's closing

Dot's delicatessen just posted on Facebook that they have decided to close. I was shocked! I hope all is well with Miles & family...

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  1. Read this on Eater this morning, definitely a surprise since they just did that remodel.

    They are in an insanely hard space though. Paseos and Uneeda right there, then you got Rock Creek and Roux super close too.

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    1. re: EatFoodGetMoney

      Yeah, but I feel like Uneeda is a different demographic, and dots was there before rock creek or roux. One chef I know keeps saying that the pie (being the restaurant industry in Seattle) has stayed the same size over the last several years, but each restaurateurs piece gets smaller. There's a lot of competition these days, and the business hasn't gotten any easier.

      1. re: babette feasts

        Hi, babette:

        Yes, IMO we have been in a resto bubble for quite a while now. When it bursts, hopefully it won't be the culinary version of the Cretaceous–Paleogene (K–Pg) extinction event.


        1. re: kaleokahu

          Yes it's a bubble, and I'd so much rather see some of TD or Ethan's air being let out than Miles'. I know, both those empires started small and everyone wants to grow, I'm just sick of hearing about the same two guys all the time. And I'll admit, I only went to Dots once. The reason why this bothers me is that I had worked with both Miles and Wiley from Little Uncle when we were all at Campagne circa 2002. It's been great to see those two open their own places to critical and popular acclaim. Seeing them succeed encouraged me to believe I could have my own place, too. If talent, dedication, and great reviews in a hip neighborhood aren't enough, I'm really discouraged!

          1. re: babette feasts

            Hi, babette:

            I agree totally with your sympathies.

            Smothering the baby restauranteur in her crib is but one of the pernicious effects of having restos proliferate like lemmings. Larger, venerable places can be suffocated too. Or forced to follow food fashion trends away from what made them. And other businesses are forced out to make room for the next last-a-year restaurant buildout, fundamentally changing neighborhoods. The list goes on and on.

            It's a wicked business, however much we love the chow.

            Draw a 15-mile radius around Gasworks, and the situation changes completely, though.


    2. Say it ain't so.
      Miles brought together a lovely place, great talent, and some of the finest meals in memory and I will miss them all forever.

      1. That's too bad. I hope there are bigger and better things afoot for all of them.

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        1. re: kaleokahu

          I expect the talent Miles nurtured will bloom for us all, in time.

        2. Aw MAN. Their steak tartare changed my life.