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Wholesale banh mi bread in LA?

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Does anyone know of a place I could buy wholesale bahn mi in or around Los Angeles California? Thanks. I asked the boy at Lees and he said they get the dough balls delivered and thaw them and bake them in the store. I could do that as well. Thanks

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  1. We are trying t open our own bar and grille and I wanted to serve Bahn mi so I would need alot

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      i'd be interested to find out at just what point quantity wise it becomes worth it for a local bakery to sell them wholesale. they have limited shelf life, and if they're *that* good, they can probably sell them all a retail prices.

    2. Mr. Baguette sells freshly baked banh mi bread for $1.09 each. They are fantastic and maybe my favorite baguette in all of socal. You may be able to negotiate a better price if you buy large quantities.

      1. You can get 3 of them for $1.25 (retail) at Saigon Bakery in San Gabriel. I'm sure any bakery would be willing to sell to you.

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          I love the baguettes at Saigon Bakery! So delicate.

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            Do you know how long the baguettes are at Saigon Bakery?

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                oh then that's a much better deal than Mr. Baguette, as theirs is 24" as well. Have you tried the baguettes from Mr. Baguette? would like to know how they compare.