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Jun 5, 2014 10:37 PM

Wholesale banh mi bread in LA?

Does anyone know of a place I could buy wholesale bahn mi in or around Los Angeles California? Thanks. I asked the boy at Lees and he said they get the dough balls delivered and thaw them and bake them in the store. I could do that as well. Thanks

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  1. We are trying t open our own bar and grille and I wanted to serve Bahn mi so I would need alot

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      i'd be interested to find out at just what point quantity wise it becomes worth it for a local bakery to sell them wholesale. they have limited shelf life, and if they're *that* good, they can probably sell them all a retail prices.

    2. Mr. Baguette sells freshly baked banh mi bread for $1.09 each. They are fantastic and maybe my favorite baguette in all of socal. You may be able to negotiate a better price if you buy large quantities.

      1. You can get 3 of them for $1.25 (retail) at Saigon Bakery in San Gabriel. I'm sure any bakery would be willing to sell to you.

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          I love the baguettes at Saigon Bakery! So delicate.

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            Do you know how long the baguettes are at Saigon Bakery?

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                oh then that's a much better deal than Mr. Baguette, as theirs is 24" as well. Have you tried the baguettes from Mr. Baguette? would like to know how they compare.

          2. We supply French baguettes, demi baguetes, sourdough etc in any length, weight or size.

            Belwood Bakery