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Jun 6, 2014 01:56 AM

Grainivore CLOSED--or just relocating?

Apparently closed around mid-May. Curious if anyone has any info on them, though, because last I heard from their staff they were looking to relocate once the lease ended in June.

So, closing mid-May isn't too surprising to me, but I hope they come back somewhere better because DAMN that food was good!

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  1. Alright so I'm friends with the owner, and he claims they are going to try to sell it.

    He is a young Singaporean kid, about 25, that I went to school with at USC who always dreamed about opening a restaurant. Heck, we used to go to the Singapore places in town together.

    Anyways, from what he told me, they had to close because he and his family could not get the investor visas (not quite sure what these are) they needed to stay in the US/manage the restaurant.

    So while we may see another incarnation of it, the original owner will be out of the picture unfortunately/ my friend has to move back to singapore ;(

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    1. re: set0312

      Thanks for the update! This sucks, though, because that was some seriously good food.

      I wish him/his family the best in selling it off. Please keep us posted here, if you hear anything.

      My best friend is Singaporean, and while I never had the chance to bring him to this one, his sister joined me once and loved it.

      Where did you and your friend go? Any recommendations?