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Real Authentic Chinese Food In the Area

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I have a friend from Hong Kong who is staying here for school. We are looking to get some real authentic Chinese food because it is so different from the Americanized version and I do not know where to take him. Any suggestions?

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  1. This relatively recent discussion is still pretty accurate:


    1. Is Kiefer Court still open? Could not find a recent thread on Rainbow.

      Kiefer Court:

      Szechuan Spice on Lake and Lyndale:

      Grand Szechuan in Bloomington:


      1. Grand Szechuan in Bloomington is still my favorite. Little Szechuan in SLP-West End is a close second.

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          The Little Szechuan location on the U of M Campus is also quite good - and has a decent lunch special deal.

          And yes, Keefer Court is still amazing as well.

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            There was a post a few weeks ago that Little Szechuan on University Ave was closed for remodeling. Anybody know whether it's opened again?

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              They have not re-opened yet. They closed in early April for what was supposed to be a four week renovation....

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                They posted a comment on their original blog entry on their website that they are hoping to reopen next week (that was posted on June 3rd).

          2. The conversations about "authentic Chinese" on this board tend to focus on Szechuan cuisine. Is your friend interested in Cantonese dishes at all?

            1. Tea House at U of MN
              Mandarin Kitchen in Bloomington
              Some regional specialties at Peking Garden on university
              E noodle at Rice and Larpenteur

              1. How about Hong Kong Noodle near the U of M? Every time I'm in there I see lots of students enjoying their meals there. It would be interesting to get his take on its authenticity, too, given that your friend very recently lived in Hong Kong.

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                  I love Hong Kong Noodle and feel it's got the qualities of good Chinese; fresh, not too sweet, great ingredients and fairly simple.

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                    HKN - Cantonese, reasonably authentic, but again, Cantonese, so not a lot of interesting flavors (also not a lot of finesse, like what would be employed to make top-notch dim sum.) That said, high points include large potions, low prices, and excellent roast pork and roast duck.

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                      I hear what you're saying (writing?). But if we're talking "cooking like Mom used to cook", a lot of that is not terribly interesting/exciting, no matter the cuisine. :-)

                      When Mrs. Sisp and I befriended some former-Beijing residents here in town, they invited us over for dinner a few times and we ate what they made for themselves -- and vice versa. Nothing fancy, but still tasty.

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                        I think you are confusing American-Chinese food ("large potions, low prices") with Cantonese cuisine. At its heart, Cantonese cuisine is all about using a light hand with fresh ingredients in trying to retain the original flavor of the food. The focus is on using a small amount of (a wide array of) spices. Fresh seafood is generally steamed without intense flavors that would be required for older fare.