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Where can I get a good wrap in Monmouth County?


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  1. I'm a big fan of the wraps at Wegmans deli section. Let me specify, they make fresh wraps to order, nothing pre-made in the deli cases.

    1. DJ's Delight on Mattison in Asbury Park is my favorite for wraps.

      1. I love Brennan's deli on Monmouth Road in Ocean. Lots of choices....

          1. re: joonjoon

            Funny you say that. Recently went to Chaka in Pier Village and had a burrito that was more wrap-like than burrito-like.

              1. re: joonjoon

                The burrito wrapper was like a wrap and they cut in half and serve it like a sandwich. FWIW, I didn't like it.

                1. re: jsfein

                  This is a funny, little digression. I had never really practiced this sort of mental pilates before. My gut feeling is that saying a burrito is not a wrap is akin to saying a Catholic is not a Christian. But then, you gotta wonder, is a Vietnamese spring roll a wrap? An egg roll? What about a chimichanga? Could a maki roll qualify or do the ends have to be tucked in?

                  Glorious brain sweats, indeed. All this exercise is making me hungry. I think I'll go out for some blintzes. Or, maybe a pork roll, egg & cheese. Which now has me wondering: "Is a wrap a sandwich?"

                  1. re: MGZ

                    I wouldn't consider anything deep fried to be a wrap...

                    1. re: MGZ

                      Please don't go around asking such questions in general topics. Please! I don't care if a hot dog is a sandwich or not!

            1. Tacos at North of the Border in Red Bank.

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                Mark which ones do you usually get there?

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                  My favorite is Papascon, Chorizo,Jalapeno y Cebolla (potato, chorizo, jalapeno & onion). Also like the Al Pastor...

              2. Ocean Cafe in both Shrewsbury, Long Branch, Red Bank, and Manalapan.


                1. Cafe 360 in Freehold makes some good ones. Haven't tried the wraps at Gus' Diner yet but some friends like their food a lot.

                  In Red Bank, Readie's has a huge selection and I always enjoy their food.

                  1. D'Jeet in Shrewsbury.

                    Yum...chicken salad!!