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Jun 5, 2014 09:15 PM

Where can I get a good wrap in Monmouth County?


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  1. I'm a big fan of the wraps at Wegmans deli section. Let me specify, they make fresh wraps to order, nothing pre-made in the deli cases.

    1. DJ's Delight on Mattison in Asbury Park is my favorite for wraps.

      1. I love Brennan's deli on Monmouth Road in Ocean. Lots of choices....

          1. re: joonjoon

            Funny you say that. Recently went to Chaka in Pier Village and had a burrito that was more wrap-like than burrito-like.

              1. re: joonjoon

                The burrito wrapper was like a wrap and they cut in half and serve it like a sandwich. FWIW, I didn't like it.

                1. re: jsfein

                  This is a funny, little digression. I had never really practiced this sort of mental pilates before. My gut feeling is that saying a burrito is not a wrap is akin to saying a Catholic is not a Christian. But then, you gotta wonder, is a Vietnamese spring roll a wrap? An egg roll? What about a chimichanga? Could a maki roll qualify or do the ends have to be tucked in?

                  Glorious brain sweats, indeed. All this exercise is making me hungry. I think I'll go out for some blintzes. Or, maybe a pork roll, egg & cheese. Which now has me wondering: "Is a wrap a sandwich?"

                  1. re: MGZ

                    I wouldn't consider anything deep fried to be a wrap...

                    1. re: MGZ

                      Please don't go around asking such questions in general topics. Please! I don't care if a hot dog is a sandwich or not!

            1. Tacos at North of the Border in Red Bank.

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              1. re: equal_Mark

                Mark which ones do you usually get there?

                1. re: corvette johnny

                  My favorite is Papascon, Chorizo,Jalapeno y Cebolla (potato, chorizo, jalapeno & onion). Also like the Al Pastor...