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Jun 5, 2014 09:02 PM

Pioneer Square - Great Experience

Where do we find the best food and overall experience in Pioneer Square?

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  1. You will find the best food, or at least the highest concentration of great food, around Occidental Park.

    For the single best meal in/near the Pioneer Square area, my choice would be Il Corvo (Awesome pasta) for lunch, followed closely by Little Uncle (Great Thai).

    The Square is also noted as a stronghold of great sandwiches in Seattle. Check out:

    Salumi for classic Italian hot sandwiches (Meatball and Porchetta are both the best in their class I've ever had), and for their increasingly famous cold sandwiches made from their house cured salami's (and other cured porky bits). Also noted for their block-busting lines, but they move pretty quickly.

    Tats Delicatessen is noted for it's cheese-steaks and hoagies, and especially for it's Tatstrami, a cheese-steak made with house cured pastrami.

    Rain Shadow Meats Squared serves up terrific butchered meats and sausages, along with a menu full of tasty hot sandwiches made with really outstanding ingredients.

    Delicatus has a larger menu of updated sandwich standards and innovative modern sandwiches. They stand maybe a hair below the previous three recommendations in terms of deliciousness, but they have a much more diverse menu.

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      If it's too hot for a hot sandwich, get the prosciutto and fig confit with goat cheese

    2. Hi, koppkim:

      Il Terrazo Carmine and Al Bocalino are also worthy contenders.


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        Agree with Kaleo. For a fine dining "overall experience" I'd vote for Il Terrazo Carmine.

        This is of course "apples and oranges" when compared to casual lunch sources like Il Corvo, Little Uncle, Rain Shadow, Salumi, etc.

        1. re: Gizmo56

          True, true... If you're looking for smooth and gracious service and a more upscale dining experience, Il Terrazo Carmine is the place.

      2. Thanks for the great ideas. What about Bar Sajor? We are heading down on a Saturday night. Also, ideas for pre dinner cocktails would be appreciated.

        Thank you!

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          It's a gorgeous space with good, minimalist food. Mostly small plates, but they have some larger entree selections from their wood oven. Actually, everything that I've had come out of that oven has been excellent, particularly the ribeye.

          Downside is that the prices are fairly high.

          1. How safe do you consider Pioneer square?