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Jun 5, 2014 05:44 PM

Simple Syrup Questions - Freezing/Using?

I made a honeysuckle simple syrup last night, and while it smells heavenly, I'm actually not entirely sure what to do with it (I didn't think that far ahead...). It came out to about 2 cups, and I'm concerned that it won't last long enough in the fridge for me to use it all.

How does simple syrup hold up in the freezer?

(Also, any suggestions for dishes or drinks that could use the awesome power of honeysuckle?)

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  1. Simple syrup usually will last in the fridge for about a month. Keep it tightly sealed in the coldest part of the fridge.

    Personally I think it would make a really nice granita or sorbet.

    Also use in a cocktail, just sub your syrup in any cocktail that calls for an elderflower liqueur.

    Use to sweeten ice tea or lemonade.

    1. You can freeze it indefinitely. In the fridge, it may grow moldy or cloudy after many weeks.

      1. With assorted melon (not watermelon), and chiffonade mint. Added to iced tea. In cocktails.

        1. Soak a poundcake with some of it.

          1. Freeze it in ice cube trays so that you can use it a bit at a time.