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Jun 5, 2014 05:21 PM

Trip Report on original post UES bet. 90th and 116th Str

I wanted to give a quick report on the welcome suggestions I was able to check out.
First night walked to Lechon del Barrio and it was good and so inexpensive. The meat portion looked really dwarfed next to the heaping rice and beans, but it was all succulent and I was not really interested in leftovers.
Now that I am home I am sorry I didn't have more quality time with some pizza slices but I did snag a couple from Patsys Pizzeria (1st and 117th) right out of the oven.
The only "miss", and it was major, was A-jiao Szechuan. The place was empty, which should have tipped me off but I thought perhaps they did a brisk delivery service. I wish I had tried Vinus and Marc which is very close by. Or anything else at all. Next trip…
I discovered Hot Bread Kitchen at 115th and Park Ave for breakfast and really liked the baked goods and the whole concept.
Went to the recommended Drunken Munkey and had a great table next to the floor to ceiling open window. Liked the whole package.
After years of yearning I finally made it to Prune with two friends so we got to try alot of menu offerings and everything was fantastic, and such a sweet space.
Also made it to Kitchen Arts and Letters Bookstore for the first time, excellent, and my usual pilgrimage to Kalustyans.
Thank you for the suggestions.

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  1. what did you have at a-jiao

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      I had the spicy sesame noodles, spinach with ginger dressing and Chefs diced fish and crispy tofu.

      I forgot to add in my first report that I sampled some Van Leeuwen ice cream from a truck in the West Village and went to Harney and Sons on Broome/Crosby to shop for and drink tea. Recommended.