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Jun 5, 2014 04:21 PM

Great food and beer near Hilton checkers.

Some friends are in LA through the weekend for a wedding. They are looking for area restaurants to grab some middle price food (cuisine up in the air but good) but which has a great beer selection. Any ideas? I searched but could find nothing recent.

How is beer belly in korea town?

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  1. Wow, they are downtown which is full of stuff. Just for drinks, including beer, the Golden Gopher is quite close. i believe there's an Italian restaurant adjacent to it. They might also like Mas Malo which is there somewhere. Also the Edison which has edibles too. They are a short ways to Angel City Brewery which is in the Arts District which along with Little Tokyo is chockablock with food stuff.
    Can't speak to beer belly, but this should keep folks busy.

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    1. Beer Belly is great. Wonderful food and great beers. Casual, great service and really nice people. Try the Duck French Dip.

      You also might like Wurstkuche with great one of a kind sausages (I like the rattlesnake and rabbit) and beer.

      and don't forget Langer's Deli for some of the best pastrami & rye (photo above) on earth Daily till 4pm and closed Sundays.

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        Now I wish I was there with them. Good recs, thanks. That pastrami from Langers looks on par with Katz which, while touristy, is awesome nonetheless.

      2. For great beer selection a spot very under the radar is Barbara's at the Brewery. A short drive from where they are staying.

        This is true beer geek good and probably one of the best curated list in LA.

        Warning, it is a place where beer is the main attractor over food and ambiance.

        Tell them they have Hoppy Birthday on from Alpine brewing right now and see what their response is.

        If they have none.... a place better suite for them will be City Tavern.

        If they are into Belgium beers Little Bear may be a good choice as well in the Art's District.

        Beer Belly is also a good choice.

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          Great recs, thanks. Barbara's looks amazing but with no car City Tavern does not sound like a bad choice and only 1/2 mile away. I realize everyone drives out there.

        2. They went to Beer Belly and loved it. Fried duck livers and some beer he had been searching for ...

          Props to the hounds as usual.