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Jun 5, 2014 04:18 PM

Where to live in Oakland for food?

We are moving to Oakland! What is a good neighborhood for eating?

Our dream one would have the following:
- weekly farmers market
- great bread baker
- neighborhood coffee place where DH can get coffee beans (of the single origin, small roast variety)
- regular supermarket
- good, cheap, baby friendly week day restaurants
- vegetarian friendly options
- nice craft beer bar
- nice place to have drinks outside
- near costco
- several different kinds of ethnic grocers nearby
- several superlative restaurants

thank you!

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  1. There's no Costco in Oakland. The closest ones are in San Leandro and Richmond.

    Hmmm... I'd say Grand Lake/Lakeshore. Temescal, Piedmont Ave. and Rockridge are the others, but while they're good for restaurants, they aren't great for shopping. Grand Lake has the best farmers' market, a Safeway and a Trader Joe's, plus it's not that far from Whole Foods and the ethnic markets in East Lake. Lots of ethnic markets in Oakland, but most of them are not in the greatest neighborhoods. There are not, nor have there ever been, any "superlative" restaurants in Montclair.

    1. Sounds like you are describing Rockridge/Temescal, though many other neighborhoods would fit, too.

      Note that there's no Costco in Oakland, but there is in San Leandro, the next town to the south (short drive).

      1. Stuff is scattered around. Could you rewrite that list in order of importance?

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Most important:

          - farmers market
          - regular supermarket
          - good, cheap, baby friendly week day restaurants
          - vegetarian friendly options
          - nice craft beer bar
          - nice place to have drinks outside

          Everything else is nice, but not essential

          1. re: relizabeth

            Grand Lake, Rockridge, and Temescal all have lots of family- and vegetarian-friendly restaurants and several places to get drinks outside.

            Rockridge has no farmers market, the Safeway is closed for expansion and supposed to reopen in the fall, and at least two good beer bars. If you care about commuting on BART, there's a station right there.

            Temescal has a small Sunday farmers market, no supermarket, and a pizza place that doubles as a great beer bar (Lanesplitter), also the great Hog's Apothecary is not too far. BART is about ten blocks from the commercial epicenter.

            Grand Lake has a Saturday farmers market, a Safeway, and no really strong beer bars I can think of in the immediate area. Parking is a bitch, I would not want to live there without a garage.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Technically the "Temescal" Farmers Market is in Rockridge
              because it is on the Rockridge side of Claremont Ave.

              Which puts it in Rockridge proper.


              1. re: Mission

                Draw the border where you like, but the market is called the Temescal Farmers' Market.

              2. re: Robert Lauriston

                I don't know where you are coming from, but be prepared for real estate sticker shock in Oakland. Especially Rockridge, Temescal, and Piedmont Avenue. They might have most of what you want, but they will cost.

                Even if the neighborhood you end up in does not have everything, you can drive to most parts of Oakland in ten or fifteen minutes. There are good public transit and bike options as well.

          2. I would think Grand Lake/Lake Shore would fit the bill the best.

            1. I live in Oakland. There is no one place that has everything. Better to live where you'ld like to live, and learn the bus system.

              There are farmers' markets at Jack London Square, and in Old Oakland on Friday.

              Piedmont Grocery carries Beckmann's Bread, but I consider this a supplementary market, not a regular supermarket. (I shop at Nob Hill in Alameda.)

              Ethnic grocers are scattered far and wide. I go to an international (mostly central European) market in Hayward.

              Coffee is everywhere, but people are particular about their coffee. You'll have to get around and look for what you want.

              Same with beer. I need a place with the right beer and the right vibe. Only you can pick a beer hangout.

              Good luck!