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Jun 5, 2014 03:09 PM

NOLA - First Timer - Need Recommendations

I will be travelling in August with a family four. My husband & our two teenagers. We are foodies & open to trying all types of food. However, in the month of August we do not want to dress up so not interested in places where men have to wear a jacket. We are looking for the best of the best, only in NOLA, casual eateries. Cost is not that much of concern, we just want delicious & not tourist traps! We will staying 4 days/4 nights & we have a car so can travel to different parts of town.

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  1. I would object to the Court that the question has been asked and answered but, in the interest of judicial economy and saving trouble, I'd just say that you can dress like a stable hand at the racetrack and go almost anywhere nowadays. You'll miss some good spots but I don't think that matters. Cochon fits the bill; Peche certainly fits. Borgne would work. Mandina's is as local as it gets; Antoine's should be on any serious list as a museum of the great, whacking, 19th/20th century strap-on-the-feed-bag dinners. If you live in Iowa this will all be different. If you live in a Proclaimed Food Capital it may be boring, traditional, passe food. A lot depends on attitude.

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      We are from South Florida, so we eat pretty well down here. A lot of the restaurants ask for men to wear Jackets and again as South Floridians, that's not how we dress even in January. But thanks for the recommendations!

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        I'm confused---are you saying that S. Florida restaurants ask for jackets? Or NOLA ones? I ask because so far as I know places such as Commander's and Antoine's HOPE men will wear a jacket but he won;t be thrown out without one. And I've seen bluejeans and cowboy boots in Antoine's (although that was during the French Quarter Festival so things may have been relaxed on that occasion). Other than private clubs, Galatoire's is the only place REQUIRING a jacket (after 5). I think there are only a dozen places in the country that is never a factor for me because my generation doesn't even thinking of walking out of the front door without a coat and tie.

        There is a certain amount of fun, too, in wearing seersucker and looking cool even if you are sweating bullets beneath.

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            Thanks...I suspected thatbut was not certain. as I said, even we don't have the joints that demand it anymore so don't worry (or "sweat it" so to speak)

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        Every restaurant but Galatoires fits the attire question.

        Every good restaurant that you will read about in any search here will have tourists as one of the local attractions are the good restaurants. You will not find "tourist trap" places mentioned here with the exception of Mother's and Court of Two Sisters which get mixed reviews but would not be in most peoples top thirty of forty. Although Mother's might be in some peoples po-boy top 10.

      3. Check out Cochon Butcher. Casual, counter service and great sandwiches. Eat the pickles! They're fantastic.

        1. kpaul's all the way.

          1. On my last trip in December we had a fine dinner at Cochon which I think would be perfect for your family. Our best dinner was at Clancy's which was more dressy but not stuffy. Classic New Orleans cooking. Take a look at their menu online and try not to salivate.
            We also had lunch with maybe the best fried chicken ever at Willie Mae's Scotch House. Have fun.