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Jun 5, 2014 01:16 PM

Sunday afternoon casual meal in Nashville

I've got to drop off my daughter at summer camp and I'll be driving through Nashville on a Sunday afternoon. I originally planned on eating a burger at Rotier's, but they appear to be closed on Sunday. My second thought was Prince's, but they also appear to be closed on Sunday.

What would you recommend for a casual meal on a Sunday afternoon? I'll be driving for 400 miles round trip so I'll probably be wearing shorts and a golf shirt.

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  1. I live near Boston but still dream of the burnt ends at the very casual Jack's BBQ, which I enjoyed 30 yrs ago on my only visit to Nashville.

    1. You can try Hattie B's for hot chicken in Midtown. Contrary to popular belief (non locals) you can find much better burgers in Nashville.

      Husk serves a great burger and runs services until 2-3pm on Sundays.

      The local burger at Fido is my favorite in town. They're open all day for lunch/breakfast/dinner.

      If you're after bbq, try Martin's on Belmont.

      1. Martin's (BBQ), Hattie B's or Boltons (hot chicken or fish), Monell's (Southern), DeSano's (pizza napoletana)