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Jun 5, 2014 12:24 PM

Great omakase sushi bars in NYC that would not make me miss...

say Mori, or Zo, or Shunji or Yamakase in LA.

Thanks guys.

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      No rudeness intended, but there are half a dozen threads on this topic, many of them recent. Just do a search and you'll get your answer. To cut to the chase: 15E, at the sushi bar, with Masa.

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          my internet search skills is something lacking if you see me on the other boards.

          thanks guys.

          himm, i've never heard of butterfish before either.

          it's just been about 5 to 6 years since I've had real NYC sushi. The good stuff.

          Didn't know if there was serious fluctuations going on.


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            When will you be visiting? Ichimura and nakazawa may be of interest to you as well, though reservations are somewhat difficult. What is it that you particularly like about the LA style you reference? Perhaps we can find something similar that will suit you when you visit NYC.

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          to be fair not many places in NY do sushi similar to LA places except for Masa, Sasabune, and Butterfish. Everyone here is about the fish aging.

      1. Since I bounce between LA and NYC every once and a while, I can provide some feedback on this. I wrote up something more substantial before, but here's a quick version:

        - If you want Mori, go to...Sushi Yasuda -- Focus on the nigiri, excellent rice, a good variety of fish. Very wood-focused sushi bar, pretty straightforward yet high end

        - If you want Zo, you're in trouble. The closest to the warm rice great sauces that NYC has is Sushi Sasabune in the UES

        - If you want Shunji, you're in even more trouble, since mixing the ultra high-end sushi and excellent cooking is going to be a step down in NYC. Sushi Azabu is the closest, IME. 15 East is a brighter vibe and also good

        I haven't had Yamakase.

        There are a couple other standouts I'd recommend:

        - Karumazushi for old-school, super expensive, Japanese business persons' hangout

        - Ichimura at Brushstroke - go for the old dude and his aged fish and wealth of crustaceans

        - Sushi Nakazawa - most hip right now, Jiro protege and only omakase at a decent price point. I haven't been yet, but people seem to love

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          D, Thank you.

          This is extremely helpful.