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Brooklyn or Queens pizza joints

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Great slices or pies where ????

gino's in elmont ?

l and b spumoni gardens ?

What's good these days ? the other posts had me thinking.

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      1. Nick's Pizza in Forest Hills

        1. Definitely Wheated in Kensington! Boborocino on Franklin Ave in Crown Heights is not quite as good, but they have a nice garden (perfect for summer) and the atmosphere is fun (it is at Wheated too, but a bit more low key). Franklin Ave. is actually pretty up and coming in terms of restaurants. A bit of a digression since it's not pizza related, but Mayfield is a great restaurant to check out around there.

          1. Just some places to try if you find yourself nearby. The kind of place you would love to have as your neighborhood spot.
            1. Amore in the Linden Shopping Center. Excellent thin crust hot out of the oven plain slice. Like what you got on every corner in the old days. From a joint that looks like it is leftover from the old days.
            2. Paulie Gee my favorite from the new generation for those that love stuff on top. Great ingredients and combinations.
            3. Best Pizza in Williamsburg for an excellent thin slice with toppings. Like a cross between Amore and Paulie Gee. Amore esthetic and thin crust with PG level toppings. But, if you don't get a pie it is almost always a reheated slice.

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              Paulie Gee's is awesome. Great place and it doesn't hurt that he walks around and makes you feel at home.

            2. Best Pizza on Havemeyer

              1. Brooklyn Bensonhurst, still home to pure Italians, and still one of the most honest places for Italian food.

                Italian Bensonhurst IL Colosseo Restaurant


                There pizza selections are many. I was just curious about the one that contains IL Colosseo in the name. That one has hot dogs. That is curious I would say.

                All pies are about 9 dollars.

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                1. One has to be discriminate.


                  This place also in Bensonhurst, has excellent pies.

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                    Sad to see Gino's Focacceria gone. Where do you get a panelle sandwich, or vastedde if you are brave, in the neighborhood any more?

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                      Zio Nino's seems like it may be a place to buy a nice pie.

                      Focaccia Bruschetta Pies and more.

                      Have yet to try their pie.

                      Zio Nino's 7203 18th Ave

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                        Fernandino's on Union Street lists those two classic Sicilian street snacks--visteddi and panelle.

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                          "Joe's of Avenue U"... just west of the "F" train near McDonald Avenue. Your Sicilian faves, outstanding Pulpo salad, greasy-great potato croquettes and a nightshade fantasyland what with all the tomato, pepper and eggplant variations. Freshest ricotta in town for the sandwich "specials"...including panelle.

                          Not full? Stroll over to Ciccio's Pizza for a sesame-crusted NY slice...On "U" by West 5th Street.

                          1. re: Mike R.

                            That portion of Avenue U has an Italian community with such espresso shops as Cafe on the Hill and another one, just down before the dive bar near Joe's and Lady Moody Square.

                            Fiorentio's attests to this Italian community.

                            "Deborah, Lady Moody was the only woman to found a colonial settlement in early North America and was the first female landowner in the New World."-wikipedia.

                            Pay tribute to her, with a meal at Joe's just across from the square named after her. The dive bar has no tap beer though.

                            I have not eaten there,

                            1. re: Mike R.

                              Joe's does not have pizza if I recall.

                              In this area of town, I am wondering where the good pizza is.

                              1. re: Mike R.

                                It is a shame that Joe's closes early.

                                I typically go to this region of Brooklyn for evening drinks, in bars, and it would be nice if Joe's was open later.

                                I have never eaten there.

                        2. Gobo's Bagels, Pizza,and Donuts in Borough Park makes excellent pizza, by the slice.

                          Amazingly mouth watering.

                          Corner 55 and New Utrecht, Boro Park.

                          1. For a regular slice in Queens, New Park in Howard Beach, Fresh Meadows Pizza (hidden) and Centre Pizza (Little Neck).

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                              By "Fresh Meadows Pizza" are we talking about the tiny old place about three blocks west of the movie theater on the service road? Brother's, or something like that?

                              Centre Pizza has it's fans, I am not among them.

                              1. re: stuartlafonda

                                No. They are in a small strip mall in the FM apartment complex @ 195-09 69th Ave. It's been a year, so I hope it is still a good regular slice.

                                Our order at Centre is 2:1 regular slices to a vegetable slice. We dump the veggies on the reg. slice and it is delicious.

                                Have you tried New Park?

                                ETA: FM's site is limited, so I give you this http://www.yelp.com/biz/fresh-meadows...

                                1. re: EM23

                                  Born and raised in Queens and strangely, I have never been to New Park. I will seek to remedy that situation immediately.

                                  1. re: stuartlafonda

                                    Consider the advice about getting it well done on these links.

                                    I hope you like it…pizza is such a divisive subject.

                                    1. re: EM23

                                      You're going to find different opinions on this, but, for the classic NY style slice, I think Williamsburg does a slightly better job than New Park.

                                      Stuart, if you do go to New Park, be very careful with the 'well done' request they talk about in the Slice review. The last time we asked for it 'well done' it was pitch black on the bottom. I was part of a big group, and we were on a schedule, but if I was there on my own, I'd have sent it back. They should be able to give you a pie that's charred, but isn't incinerated.

                                      1. re: scott123

                                        I'll check it out next time in that area. Thanks!

                                    2. re: stuartlafonda

                                      there you go.

                                      a new joint to you.

                                      and to me.

                                      thanks guys.

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                                      My son used to go to the school across the street from Fresh Meadows Pizza. We would buy him a slice as he gets out of school (gotta feed a growing boy). It's a decent slice for the neighborhood, but I prefer the pizza at Brother's and VIPizza. Both have a little more cheese than Fresh Meadows Pizza.

                                      For pies, I like to get the Rustica Pizza at Piccolo Sogno (195-14 47th Ave).

                                2. I love DaVinci on 18th ave and 66th st in Brooklyn. Terrific square slices.

                                  Sal and Jerry's bakery on 20th ave makes great old school "bakery pizza" (the kind with no cheese, and they also have with anchiovies or without. Delicious sauce) and sfincione, too.

                                  I also like Aurora on 17th ave and 78th.

                                  Never under estimate Staten Island pizza. Nonna's and Domenico's have some of my favorite pizza.

                                  1. Papa Mike's Pizza on 20th Brooklyn's Bensonhurst, serves very affordable pizza, from the brick oven.

                                    Mike the owner I gathered is the older gentleman who walks a bit slow, and even delivers the slices one has ordered right to the table.

                                    If one is after a full pie, IL Colosseo Restaurant is just blocks away.

                                    7416 20th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

                                    1. Technically on Long Island but close to the Queens border are a couple of my favorites:
                                      -Umberto's in New Hyde Park has my favorite regular slice
                                      -King Umberto's in Elmont has my favorite grandma slice