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Jun 5, 2014 12:20 PM

Brooklyn or Queens pizza joints

Great slices or pies where ????

gino's in elmont ?

l and b spumoni gardens ?

What's good these days ? the other posts had me thinking.

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      1. Nick's Pizza in Forest Hills

        1. Definitely Wheated in Kensington! Boborocino on Franklin Ave in Crown Heights is not quite as good, but they have a nice garden (perfect for summer) and the atmosphere is fun (it is at Wheated too, but a bit more low key). Franklin Ave. is actually pretty up and coming in terms of restaurants. A bit of a digression since it's not pizza related, but Mayfield is a great restaurant to check out around there.

          1. Just some places to try if you find yourself nearby. The kind of place you would love to have as your neighborhood spot.
            1. Amore in the Linden Shopping Center. Excellent thin crust hot out of the oven plain slice. Like what you got on every corner in the old days. From a joint that looks like it is leftover from the old days.
            2. Paulie Gee my favorite from the new generation for those that love stuff on top. Great ingredients and combinations.
            3. Best Pizza in Williamsburg for an excellent thin slice with toppings. Like a cross between Amore and Paulie Gee. Amore esthetic and thin crust with PG level toppings. But, if you don't get a pie it is almost always a reheated slice.

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              Paulie Gee's is awesome. Great place and it doesn't hurt that he walks around and makes you feel at home.