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Jun 5, 2014 12:11 PM

Italian Bensonhurst IL Colosseo Restaurant

I thought I might further confirm a statement I made about IL Colosseo Restaurant, just below 77 on 18th in Bensonhurst.

Here are some photos of the pizza, I endeavored to devour ultimately, with ease and delight.

The owners are from Sicily, and I also recommend the Misto Mare of grilled octopus, shrimp and clams, for 10.00

the pizzas are wood fired brick oven, and the best I have had in Brooklyn, and beats most places in Arthur Ave, as well as Little Italy.

It is all good. go online for full menu.

very italian

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  1. Many Italians from Italy eat here.

    All seem so satisfied.

    The interior is incredibly tasteful and very comfortable, with seating in the front for casual, and a full dining room with white table cloth and set tables in the back.

    Wine list will not disappoint.

    IL Colosseo is a short walk from the N Train on 18th Ave. They own a cafe two doors down, that is a social spot for espresso. It is more often that the Italian language is heard spoken around this cafe, that has an identical to IL Colosseo.

    I for myself, will take a beer or two, at Cafe Italia at 70th, before continuing to head to IL Colosseo for a meal. This lubricates one's palate, so as to intensify the exciting flavors found in IL Colosseo's pizzas and dishes.

    The pizza in the photo was Inferno Piccante. It was think deliciously care for in making crust, with a very balanced and nice tomato sauce, cheese, capers, anchovies, oregano, and whole slices of garlic.

    The taste of this particular pizza, as well as others, was heavenly, as I applied just enough crush red pepper, for the flavors of the pizza to unit in my mouth and linger for a time, after each bite. Amaazing.

    I seem to have misplaced their menu, but here it is on line: or all menus.

    They only have homemade paste sometimes, I was told, but do not let such discourage you and your friends, from visiting IL Colosseo .

    1. Agree, Il Colosseo is a great place. I live within walking distance and I love having them close by!

      1. Great place. Like eating in a suburb of Naples or Bari, surrounded by families. Recommend: grilled octopus, baked clams, and grilled giant prawns, spaghetti vongole, any fresh fish prepared however you wish, pizzas, and a wine list better than it needs to be at good prices. Buzzy, friendly service. No selfies.