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Jun 5, 2014 10:52 AM

Best shellfish in Berkeley?


I am going to Berkeley next week. Since I've never been to the pacific, I was hoping to celebrate my first travel to California with a night of marine pleasures.

Hence; my question is simple, where should I go to get - say - a good shellfish platter? Or the best oysters in town?

Price is not an issue.

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    1. Is Cantonese acceptable? The best local seafood is mostly at these places (just outside Berkeley, though).

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Daimo in the Pacific East shopping mall in Richmond has lots of reliably fresh seafood all year. Its lobster sampan style is particularly good.

      1. Chez Panisse Cafe sometimes has oysters--always great, but you'd need to check online re the day's menu & try to make a res (easier than it used to be, esp early & late).

        Agree re Cafe Rouge.

        1. I'd have to agree with Robert. Cafe Rouge has perhaps the best shellfish in town. Usually everything is top quality, and there is a pretty extensive selection. Be careful, as my recollection is that they don't do the raw bar at lunch. Seems if I found that out the hard way, once.