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Jun 5, 2014 09:21 AM

Chez Nous - Humble

Has anyone been lately? Just wondering if it is still getting stellar reviews after all these years. Anniversary date for 2 coming up!

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  1. I know that back in 2012, Alison Cook was asked why she didn't include it on her top 100 list and she said she used to like it, but had a bad experience the last time she went. I haven't heard anything about it recently.

    1. Well, we ended up going to Caracol, an error of judgment and one I regret.

      Our 6:30 reservation was lost, but the scantily clad girl seemed to think it was our fault. She pointed out that there was no reservation under our name either 1/2 hour before or after our reservation, made on the phone the same day. Had no answer for her questioning look. It being a Monday, there was no issue in any event, and she finally said, she had a table, all of them were open at that moment.

      Ordered the most expensive thing on the menu ($45), roasted lobster, which was roasted way too long, and the body, chopped for my convenience, tasted strongly of ammonia that wafted through my nose. The claw was just over roasted. The playa de ropa (beach clothes) beans in the tiny cup was good, pork fortified. There are no tanks of swimming lobsters in the kitchen.

      Pork shank was so over done and dry that it could not be finished, even if the water was refilled, which it wasn't. My second cocktail had a fly in it, and we spent some time fishing it out (I'm not squeamish that way, after all, they serve worms as an app here), with dessert spoons and fingers, and no one noticed at all.

      Obviously not going back.

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        Yep Lambowner, you pretty much screwed this up on your own. It's obviously your fault. A good pork shank can be found at Polonia, enough for two though I wolfed down an entire one while the wifeacita was out of town, washed down with a couple of Belvedere Polish vodkas.