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Jun 5, 2014 08:16 AM

Great food, informal atmosphere

I am taking someone out to dinner and need a great restaurant where someone who does not like to wear ties and jackets would be comfortable. Thanks for the help.

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  1. I like Mangia E Bevi at King and Ontario. If you both are into thin crust pizza and pasta.

    1. I think there are very few restaurants in Toronto these days where a jacket and tie would be expected, as the trend in recent years is for good food in a more relaxed environment.

      But I think for a good recommendation we'd need a few more details, like how much you're looking to spend, what age range you'd feel comfortable with (ie. do you seek a restaurant filled with 20-somethings and loud ironic 80's rap music, or somewhere more "adult", for example?) and whereabouts you're looking to be geographically.

      Offhand for decent food-centric restaurants with fairly professional service and non-stuffy environment/dress codes, you might be interested in places like Origin, Daisho at Momofuku, Nota Bene, Carbon Bar, all of which are more or less within a reasonable walk or drive of the downtown core. Most would have mains priced in the $20-$30ish price range, or smaller sharing plates that would add up to similar.

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        Older ladies, prefer quiet, enjoy fine dining

      2. patria, buca, bar isabel, richmond station would all fit your description--they all have strong service and delicious food, in a casual environment.

        i also agree with gary--some more description/criteria might make it easier to provide suggestions.