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Jun 5, 2014 08:14 AM

Outdoor Birthday Dinner

I am bringing g a friend to NYC for the weekend to celebrate their birthday. When I asked what kind of food required for the birthday dinner I was told the only requirement was that it be outside. i would like something reasonably quiet where one can reserve and outside space in advance. Help please

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  1. Montmartre has some outdoor space but I don't know all the details regarding reserving, I know you can do walk ins and maybe same day res.

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      This is what they sent me a month ago:

      Walk-in for garden seating any time, or if you prefer to reserve ahead, call 646.596.8838 to make day-of dinner plans. The space has tables that can accommodate parties of up to eight. For private events, we can seat parties of up to 50 or pass cocktails and appetizers to many more. If you'd like to know more about garden events, please contact Elena Silva.

      If the weather is good, the garden will be open. To find out if the sun is shining on Montmartre, we’ll be sharing updates via our Twitter account @MontmartreOn8th.

    2. Your friend realizes that many places do not allow reservations specifically for outdoor space, yes? And the outdoor space may be on the sidewalk near a busy street... And there's always the possibility of getting rained out.

      1. At Lincoln the outdoor tables are on the plaza.

        1. These are all over the place and different price points...

          Bar boloud
          Mermaid inn- e village
          Riverpark- will be the most quiet
          Aquagrill (soho and ues)