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Polish deli/ restos in Monmouth county

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Checked the boards and found no discussions. Looking for Polish delis or restos in Monmouth County. Anyone know of any? There are some in Linden and Garfield but that is too far....

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  1. Try Krakowiak on Main Street South River .
    Good food and prices .


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    1. re: arpad

      +1 Krakowiak


      1. re: Tapas52

        Wow menu looks good. Thanks

      2. re: arpad

        Yes!!! EXCELLENT pic! Make sure you are hungry, Barbella!! The portions are huge and cheap prices!!! Its great!


        1. re: Angelina

          I don't know about you but the cucumber salad makes a perfect accompaniment to the Krakow platter for me !

      3. Milletto's is a polish/Italian deli in Point Pleasant Beach on Arnold Ave....has some great polish dish's

        1. Krakowiak and Miletto would have been my suggestions, as well. Though each is just slightly out of the County. I'll add Europen Provisions in East Brunswick to the deli list.

          1. There is also an interesting Polish neighborhood in North Trento , the safe part , around the intersection of Olden Ave and Brunswick Ave . Delis and some restaurants ...Rozmaryn's on Olden just a block or two North of Rte 1 .