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Jun 5, 2014 06:25 AM

Marea - Stick to classics or try something new

Going back tomorrow night. Anything interesting as of late?

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  1. I like to make themes out of my excursions at Marea.

    One time it was octopus, which meant starting with crudo of octopus, then the grilled octopus with pickled onions, and the famous braised octopus and bone marrow pasta.

    Another time it was uni.

    But if you've got the time and inclination do the tasting menu. Call ahead and tell them your preferences and Jared or Lauren will see to it that your needs are met. In spades.


    1. Try the non-seafood dishes. They're usually excellent.

      1. Their $99 tasting menu sounds like a great deal.

        1. Thanks everyone, I think I know what to do now.... Switch to Del Posto! Ok, not really but I did consider it briefly earlier as Mrs Z much preferred the service at DP (Happy wife happy Ziggy) But I'm staying put.
          Do they still allow half pasta portions? I'm leaning toward something like this...
          Three Crudo tasting
          Astice, Polipo
          Half agnolotti, half ??
          Fusilli, Halibut (ippoglosso)

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            They will split the pasta as many ways as you want; in fact, they'll do that for any dish on the menu.

            Not sure about half-orders, however

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              Thanks man. Yes, that's what I meant.. half-orders on pastas. Im pretty sure they did 2 years ago but now I don't see any indication that they still do.
              Either way, an exciting anniversary meal awaits. Wait, does this mean I have to report on it now?

              1. re: Ziggy41

                Wait, does this mean I have to report on it now?

                Just the meal.

                Enjoy dinner - wherever your go, Marea, Del Posto, etc.

          2. "Just the meal" -- Well thats a relief. she fell asleep in the car and never woke up. DAMN YOU SOAVE CLASSICO, and your wonderful Aromas!

            Great meal overall with a few surprises. Got a much better table this time in the back on the left, "Oil Tycoon section" felt like. The place is very corporate understandably but it felt even more so in that location. Much better service this time around as well. Turns out they still allow half portion pastas so I was able to manufacture my own tasting menu...

            1st Course:

            Crudo trio - Pretty forgettable overall. Tried the razor clams, langoustine, and snapper. The snapper (Dentice) had the most flavor. Razor Clams not nearly as good as sister Costata

            2nd Course:

            Astice - I was totally wowed by this a few years ago, but not this time. This dish if you recall won a spot at the ultra coveted EatingWithZiggy best dishes of 2012. This time I felt the supporting cast, the basil seeds and eggplant forgot their lines and stumbled on their faces. All I was tasting is the lobster and your average burrata, but it was still far from terrible dont get me wrong

            Octopus - Outstanding! Some of the most tender, flavorful octopus I've ever had. Loved the smoky potatoes and the salad (onions, radish, chilies)

            3rd Course - Both half portions:

            Agnolotti - Stuffed with milk braised veal these ravioli exploded with flavor. Enjoyed this one a lot even though I was disappointing by the little tiny cube thingies they call "Porcini".

            Strozzapreti with Crab and uni - One of their classics which they mistakenly exclude from the online menu at the moment. Perfectly al dented, chewy Priest Stranglers with the Uni dominating in a very good way. The sauce seems a little different this time around but still quite good

            4th Course

            Fusilli (full portion) - Of course I had to have this again. This is one of the most celebrated pastas in town and I may have enjoyed it even more now. Generous amount of octopus, perfectly cooked Fusilli but the red sauce with the bone marrow is simply addictive. A joy with every scoop

            Halibut - I wasnt too sure about this one. I mean its a halibut (firm, mild, dries quickly, Howard stern's dad likes it!), and very often for us after all those rich primis, fish just doesnt deliver. This one did. Halibut cooked nicely, not too dry, but what made the dish was the Fregola Sarda, little bubbly Israeli couscous-like pasta. With a little pleasant heat the pasta worked well with the mild fish. The menu says crawfish as well but I dont recall seeing any. I would ask my wife but she's still sleeping. Maybe I should check if she's breathing

            5th Course

            Aria Mascarpone - very good sponge cake with pistachio cream and an excellent robiolina (cheese) gelato. After two meals and having some of the their most popular items like the Bombolonis I still dont have a solid dessert recommendation

            So there you have it. Hope it helps. Stay away from the Soave!

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            1. re: Ziggy41

              Wonderful report.

              Happy Anniversary, Z.