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Jun 5, 2014 04:32 AM

Outdoor lunch, Father's Day, Metro West

Looking to spring the parents from their assisted living prison on Father's Day weekend, but on Saturday. For LUNCH. They are in Framingham, but we are willing to cast a general net in all of Metro West. Outdoors sure would be nice for lunch. Yes, I already did a search, but some of the posts are a few years old, and some of the places have closed. Anyplace in Wellesley? Sudbury? I seem to remember a nice restaurant (back in the Carter administration) on a lake in Marlboro. I am sure it has been through 12 more owners since then, and it may now be a charter school for all I know. I would like to avoid the Natick Collection unless there's a really good place there. Thanks in advance for any input.

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  1. Wayside Inn in Sudbury has food that's just OK, but a wonderful, quiet patio in the Summer. If memory serves, the lobster roll is quite good. Call them to make sure the patio is open.

    1. I think the Cottage in Wellesley has some outdoor seating?

      Spiga in Needham also has a nice outdoor covered patio, but no view though.

      If you want to go down Route 9 into Chestnut Hill there's the new Brio Tuscan Grille with a large outdoor patio on the side, and across Route 9 there's Legal Seafoods with an outdoor patio and good old Shake Shack for a classic burger.

      1. Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton has an outside patio.

        Restaurant on the lake may have been what's now Bolton Street Tavern, on Rt 85? (formerly Picadilly pub) Or maybe Allora?

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          our usual afternoon involves szechuan food at Red Pepper then a multi hour drive through the Holliston/Sherborn Backcountry ending at C&L Frosty in Sherborn center

          seems dull but my 100 lb. 91 year old mom eats like a horse ("that kung pao stuff can be hot!" and then eats a pound of frozen pudding ice cream) and rides with her arm on the window, like a boss.

          The last time I asked her if she wanted to go for a drive she said " Do people still do that?".

          Of course she would probably visit a steel mill, if she could get ice cream at the end.

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            Thank you for the good laugh, Hyde!

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              FYI Red Pepper has a business for sale sign up.

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                I saw that but refuse to believe it. That would crush me, their..

                "J14 Noodles with stewed beef in house spicy soup"

                is the best cold weather soup in the greater boston area.

                Im not sure there is an equivalent soup at Lao Sicuan.

                And they recognize my 90 year old mother

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                  love that soup. I brought it home once and was so disapointed the container broke, but the bag did not leak a drop. Huzzah!

          2. Thanks everyone! I will continue to check in. Looks like Stone's Public House in Ashland has a nice outdoor patio. And it gets good reviews for pub grub. They aren't adventurous eaters, so nothing ethnic. And we went to Wayside Inn for Mother's Day! And I did look up The Cottage in Wellesley...thanks.

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              Stone's Public House is a gem with excellent food, especially their french fries. Burgers, fish n chips, and great sandwiches as well. Good beer, wine and cocktails and if you go early enough can hit the Farmers Market.

            2. Allora is now opposite the lake in Marlboro; there used to be another restaurant there. Next door to Allora there used to be a different restaurant with an outdoor upper deck from which you had a view of the lake, but that restaurant is no longer in existence.