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Jun 5, 2014 03:39 AM

La Copa Dorada ...............Speonk

Any feed back ? Empty parking lot during the day when I usually drive by.

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  1. Home style cooking. Much more South American style cooking. Not American style Spanish food.
    Very little English spoken there. Food is good. It's worth a try. There are a few of these restaurants in the area. You just have to find them. One in Westhampton beach next to aspect garden's on Montauk highway.

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    1. re: harry2005

      Thanks.. not seeing any cars in the parking lot dissuaded me.Again though always during the early part of the day.

      1. re: harry2005

        Is this where the TrolleyCar used to be?

      2. i am looking for a menu?

        1. Three Diamonds Restaurant in Montauk Highway Westhampton Beach has much better food. Also very South American not many american people eating there. For some reason not that busy.