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Jun 5, 2014 12:40 AM

Random Reno comments....a tale of two Thai, falafel, and question on new places...

OK, Reno hounds, you've been too quiet lately. So I have a few random notes from recent meals out: First of all, DH and I went to Bangkok Cuisine (the original on Mt. Rose St) for the first time in years a few nights ago (Remember, we were down south for awhile...). I must say we were both disappointed. The pud thai was somewhat flavorless, our appetizer of shrimp satay was undercooked, if that's possible, and a fried tofu with basil dish contained chewy, over-cooked tofu and almost no basil. Its going off the old favorites list, I'm afraid. As we ate, I told DH that we should have gone to Thai Lotus on S. Virginia, site of a great group dinner a few months ago. And today I had lunch with a friend at Thai Lotus, it was as good as remembered from that night. Good lunch specials, but also the full menu is available. About my only criticism is that the cucumber salad is too sweet.

And on to falafel: the restaurant on South Virginia that looks like an old diner (forget the name, but long-timers know the one I mean...its shaped like an airstream trailer without the wheels:-) has been advertising 1.99 falafel sandwiches. DH couldn't resist, and here's his second-hand report: good falafel and worth the trip. But avoid the salads and other items that bring up the price; not worth it.\

FInally, the new Mexican place in midtown (Chuy's maybe?) has been very crowded every time I drive by. It looks a little upscale, and perhaps more DF style. To me, if I'm in Midtown and want Mexican, that means El Adobe. Should I try the new joint? And while we're talking about new places, have any of you gone to the new restaurant in the new Mt. Whitney Hotel? It sounds really intriguing....I think Mark Este is the executive chef, if I heard right....

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  1. Thanks for the heads up about Bangkok Cuisine. We live on Mt. Rose St. so drive by it regularlyly.

    As you know we also love El Adobe.

    We're going to Heritage, the new restaurant in the Whitney Peak hotel, on Monday. Yes, it's the newest Mark Estee place. Last I checked their website isn't up yet but you can book through Open Table. I'll report back on that.

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    1. re: c oliver

      Here's the Heritage menu:

      Mmmm. I think I'll have the Joe Beef!

    2. The airstream is Joe's Diner, across from Whole Foods, and I would've bet alot of money you wouldn't find a falafel in there. Good thing I don't bet. I stopped in yesterday and thorougly enjoyed the sandwich( order 2, as 1 sandwich isn't a big offering). They are so good because my waitress said her boss who makes the falafel is Lebanese. Good call Janet, or rather Mr. Janet of Reno.

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      1. re: RevrendAndy

        Yes, DH also recommended ordering two. "Two falafel sandwiches and a glass of water is a great cheap lunch" were his exact words:-)

      2. I went to Bangkok Cuisine a couple of months ago and loved it. You may have had a bad night.

        That is surprising to hear about the falafel. I've tried Joe Diner's every a couple of years for other food and have never been impressed. I will try it again.

        Chuy's is owned by the guy who used to have the Mexican place on Keystone at fifth street. It was in the mall that was torn down.

        Have you been to Los Cuatro Vientos on Casazza Street yet?

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        1. re: SteveTimko

          I go to Los Cuatro Vientos all the time. But since their best items (carnitas and other tacos, etc) all contain meat, DH does not accompany me that often. And I think of it more as a place for a good lunch. As I said, El Adobe is a favorite for DH and I to go to when we want to sit down and have a relaxed meal and enjoy a margarita or two. (and he likes their chile relleno). Also enjoy the licuados at 4 Vientos.. Call me if you ever want company for lunch there, Steve. Its about a five minute drive from my office:-)

          Interesting about Chuy's: I liked that place on Keystone and wondered what happened to the guy. He was a nice guy, and I hated to see a local place close like that. Sounds like he ended up ok. Will have to try it.

          I hope you're right about Bangkok Cuisine; it really was a favorite in the past. Which one did you go to? (They now have a branch on South Virginia; I've never eaten there).

          1. re: janetofreno

            PS: After I shared your note from another post about the quesadillas at 4Vientos DH is suddenly more interested in going there. He tends to use that almost secret post-office right across the street (in the back of Shopper's Square) so next time he has to do a mailing maybe we'll head over.

            We actually over-planted squash again, and already are starting to get a lot of blossoms, so I'm actually thinking of having a quesadilla party on the deck sometime and using up a few.......

            1. re: janetofreno

              We love Los4Vientos for breakfast also. And love that PO :)