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Jun 4, 2014 08:58 PM

Buttermilk baked chicken sandwich at Lemonade

That sandwich is seriously good and ranks near the top of my sandwich stack ranking. It's a pieced of baked chicken with green tomato, white cheddar, and aioli between a pretzel bun. There's a lot of texture and fresh, bright flavors going on here. Messy to eat but worth the effort to keep things together, particularly when you approach the crusty edges of the bun and get that pronounced pretzel flavor. The accompanying greens (arugula I think) made for a balanced combo. My spouse and I also shared some prepared items--ahi tuna with watermelon radishes, curry cauliflower, and butternut squash with corn nuts. All items were equally flavorful with great textures, especially the squash and corn nuts. My 3-year old devoured his mac and cheese which I sampled and thought was good but not up to my favorite over at Upper West. Nonetheless I'll be back for that sandwich.

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  1. Lemonade gets a very lukewarm reception on CH. I've always been a fan, although not as much of one since my 2 favorite salads (roasted brussel sprouts and avocado w/ cherry tomatoes) and my favorite sandwich (turkey with pickled onions and avocado) have been taken off the menu. The chicken sandwich looks great though- I may have to stop in and try it :)

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      I like Lemonade, particularly their broccoli salad with ricotta. They used to have another good sandwich with that buttermilk chicken breast and pimento cheese, but sadly no longer offer

    2. I like Lemonade. I work near the Beverly Hills branch and usually eat there once a week.

      1. Sorry to say the sandwich is served cold.