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Jun 4, 2014 06:59 PM

Fort Lee/Edgewater before race

Sorry admins -- Please delete the repeat. My tablet had an issue between attempts to post.

Hey Guys,

My SO is running the GWB Challenge for the American Cancer Society on Sunday. To make things easier we have a hotel reservation for Saturday night in Fort Lee.

We're looking for suggestions. We are both pescatarians (vegetarian plus seafood.)

Our first thought was sushi -- carb up on rice plus protein from fish. It seems the frontrunner is suffering from service due to aging owners (Asahi). Ramen even if OK in a combo would be a plus before a 10k.

Oddly other reviews for sushi up there are also mixed. We are picky about rice, tradition vs Americanized, etc..

Other options would be a diner with omlets that aren't overcooked (not total dives in this one case, given the occasion.)

Also Italian with pasta/seafood might fit the bill.

Any recent help for that night, given our restrictions but knowing it is before a race?



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  1. I'm thinking sushi might not be the best Idea pre-race (I don't like taking ANY gastro-risks before racing ). I can suggest BCD tofu in ft. Lee. Great selection. Of sooondoooboo (soft tofu soup ) excellent panchan/banchan and a variety of other things veg and non veg friendly ( plus good prices)
    BCD Tofu House
    1640 Schlosser St, Fort Lee
    (201) 944-2340

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    1. re: sixelagogo

      Excellent idea! Thank you. We love going to the tofu soup place in the HMart center in Edison (So Kong Dong). Last time we went you could still crack a raw egg into the boiling soup for more protein. I think we'll go to your suggestion for dinner.


    2. Go to Mitsuwa marketplace.

      The food court has lots of choices, and especially good soba and ramen - about the best of had outside of Japan. The supermarket is a lot of fun, too.

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      1. re: OGguy

        about the best of had outside of Japan...

        I like the place...but that's a bit of a stretch.

        1. re: OGguy

          I haven't been in many years but we definitely plan to go there to stock up on rice, seaweed, seasoning, and stuff that is harder to find down by us.

          I suspect we will do shopping and noodles for lunch and tofu soup for dinner. Thanks!

        2. When I hear pasta/seafood I automatically think of the homemade seafood pasta specials at Tutto A Modo Mio in Ridgefield. About 10 minutes from Fort Lee.

          1. Hopefully it won't again be "time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee"....