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Jun 4, 2014 06:45 PM

NE Lobster Co. specials 6/04 [Burlingame]

Just got a mailer from them. No indication of when sale ends, however - you'll need to call and ask if you let a couple of weeks flit by before stopping in to purchase:

1) A one pound whole boiled lobster platter with chips, coleslaw, bread and butter, special for $17.95 (what is usually called a "chicken" lobster)

2) Market special: lobster meat, $7.95/lb (great price, we might have to meander over the SMateo/Hayward Bridge next week!)

3) Market special: 1 lb. live lobster, $7.95/lb.

Newsletter also reminded that they have Happy Hour Specials: $1.50 oysters on the half shell, $7 Crab Cake Sliders, and $1 off all beers, wine and tacos. Happy Hour runs Monday through Friday from 3pm to 6pm.

New England Lobster Company
824 Cowan Road
Burlingame, CA 94010
650 873 9000

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  1. Umm... lobster meat is $39/lb down from $49/lb per a phone conversation I just had with them. I think they'd sell out quickly if it was 7.95!

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    1. re: estnet

      Yeah, I saw the special $7.95 per pound price for the small live lobsters, but not for the picked out lobster meat. Still seems like a very good price for live lobster.

      Has anyone bought their frozen lobster tails, scallops or shrimps? The 1 pound bags of frozen U/10 and U/10-20 dry packed scallops were going for $17 and $16 a bag.

      1. re: Kirk_T

        Might be a missprint in their email - I had not checked with them by phone so will defer to your post.

        I have bought the frozen 1-lb paks of lobster meat and Dungeness crab, both were outstanding quality. The crab especially, could not tell it from super-fresh once it had thawed. None of that salty-water/additive taste that so many crabmeat vendors have.

        1. re: jaiko

          Following up on my own inquiry: bought a 1 pound bag of frozen U/10 scallops. I defrosted them over night in the frig, and dried them on paper towells as well as I could. They browned very nicely with a two minute sear on one side; the inside was still less than fully cooked. I don't have a lot of experience cooking sea scallops, but we could not tell whether they were previously frozen or not from eating them. Nice flavor. Would buy again.

          1. re: Kirk_T

            Kirk I think if they were fully thawed when you cooked them & you got a nice sear on both sides and they were less than cooked in the center you may have gotten wet scallops (soaked in a solution). How much did they shrink?

            1. re: Tom34

              I can't say exactly how much they shrank, maybe 20-30 percent? Complete guesswork there. As I mentioned, not much experience cooking these, but from my understanding, I would think they are dry packed. I'd certainly welcome others to chime in. The meat was tender, not tough or mushy. Tasted like scallops, no off flavor. Had a fresh smell when raw.

              I only hard seared them on one side; the second side was cooked maybe 15-30 seconds. Instead of saying "less than fully cooked," I probably should have wrote closer to medium or medium rare.

              1. re: Kirk_T

                By dry packed do you mean (IQF) Individually Quick Frozen?

                (WET) Have been soaked in phosphate preservatives & will be snow white in color. The soaking process makes them take on water which adds to the weight & reduces the intensity of the scallop flavor. When cooked, a lot of that water you paid big bucks for comes out and steams off which makes them more difficult to sear & also adds to the cooking time.

                (DRY) Have not been soaked and they have a vanilla color. They have a stronger scallop flavor, cook much faster and sear very quickly & shrink less. Rough estimate is about 20% higher cost.

                Any time I sear & plate I use Dry. Soups & gumbo type dishes I use wet. I also like 10 - 20 count wet for scallops wrapped in bacon because the longer cooking time for the wet scallops allows the bacon to crisp more.

                1. re: Tom34

                  Yes, that is how I understand those terms and why I wrote about the ease to brown, scent, flavor, etc.


                  1. re: Kirk_T

                    Their add says chemical free so they are dry. Thats not a bad price, they have been very high this year in the Mid Atlantic region.

    2. Just a thought if you are stopping by this place: they have frozen lobster butter available at the Market. It's conveniently packaged in small 1-oz containers, 6 to a pkg. Only ingredients are butter, lobster meat and paste, cognac, and spices.

      I used two to add to a big pot of lobster Newburg last night and they're excellent!