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Jun 4, 2014 04:24 PM

White Corn

I'll start the search early - then I'll be ready when corn season starts!

Does anyone know of a farmer/farmers' market stall who reliably has white sweet corn? I grew up on this sweet, tender corn, and the chewy yellow stuff doesn't turn me on. Nor the bi-color. Silver Queen or Silver King would be the preferred varieties. Anyone know who's growing it this year?

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  1. I, too, am a white corn fan but have never found a consistent supplier. Later in the year it appears randomly at the St.Paul farmers market and sometimes the Shoreview FM.. Sorry I don't have an answer but I will be following your post, hoping for answers.

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      OK! If we all (both?) watch for it, maybe we can find some.

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        FWIW, when corn is in season, I have found the Amaize corn sold at Byerly's to be exceptionally tender and tasty. I am not a big fan of Byerly's, but this corn is great!

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            I emailed Byerly's and was informed the Roseville store (nearest one to me) expects to have Amaize corn around the 16th of July

    2. Hey,Sandy, the first of the Amaize corn is in at Byerly's. 5 for$3 at the Roseville store, and just as good as I remembered it. It's a non GMO white corn hybrid

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      1. Corn update! So, we goofed around and didn't get to the downtown SP farmers' market until a couple of weeks ago, and while we did find and buy our Silver Queen corn, it was past its prime; overgrown and not very good. Mental note: look for it earlier next year while it's young and lovely!

        So...Amaize it was, and it is a delight. Light, delicate, and crisp, the way corn should be. Nuked in its husk wrapped in a damp paper towel, with unsalted butter and kosher salt...YUM!