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Jun 4, 2014 03:28 PM


Tortillas thread made me remember to post this. Across from Sea Dragon inside the old Albertson's center at Ohlen and 183. Sea Dragon shows 8776B Research. Fruitas I think it says on the sign. The pupusas are $2.00 and just awesome. Corny goodness. Fine minced pork, beans and cheese inside 2 5" or so hand made corn wrappers griddled up when you order. Nice hot tomatillo sauce and I've seen two different cabbage preparations. Love them. They are making licuados and such and I think have some ice cream. Mostly en espanol but they are very nice people and speak plenty of English to order from. Been open a little more than a month. 512 520 4363

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  1. Pupusas. The place is named Pekitas if I didn't make that clear.

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      Good find BT. I thought you meant cabbage pupusas, but now I see the bag of cabbage. Was it good and how much $?

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        They are 2.00 each, cabbage included : ) With Chuy's bakery (renamed something doubtless under Chuy's restaurants gun) and El Regio right there too it's a really good area now. El Rico opened too in the old Ihop. Right next to El Regio , kind of crazy. Good chicken and they have good chips out under a heat lamp. Pastor was horrible though. They have a chicken caldo I will be trying. Haven't looked for a taqueria in the grocery store yet I bet there's a good one in there though....

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          Hmmm - didn't know about El Rico. Which do you like better, Rico or Regio?

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            I've been to Rico a few times. Nothing super-special. Offer Chicken plate or Pastor plate; not much else.

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              I love El Regio. El Rico had good chicken but the pastor they gave me was bad. Was red and looked right but it was mushy. I think they had kept it in a crockpot or something. Should have returned it. Didn't try the asada. I like the chips and they had some slivered jalapeno and onion relish that was nice. And you can sit and eat.