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Solo in Long Beach

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I am attending a conference in Long Beach later this month. I will be staying at the Renaissance, and because I don't know many people attending the conference, will probably be dining solo a few times. Can anyone recommend some good restaurants in the area(walking distance- also won't have a car!) good for dining alone? Bellying up at the bar for a nice glass of wine and good meal would be perfect.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Is a one mile (one way) walk too far? If not give the At Last Cafe http://atlastcafelb.com/ a chance and see what you think.

    1. I think your best bets within walking distance of the hotel would be Beachwood BBQ, 555 and L'Opera.

      1. In addition to Beachwood BBQ, you could also try out James Republic.

        1. I have hear good things about Pier 76 Fish Grill (on 95 Pine Ave), which is steps from the Renaissance. Has anyone else been here?

          1. hello, I think I've seen this post before; it's from an old familiar score.

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              This is the only Los Angeles post that this particular poster has ever made, so I'm not sure why you think you've seen this post before? Although Long Beach does get this same type of post from others. Maybe that's what you're thinking of?

            2. Thanks to all of you who made recommendations!

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                If you really want to thank us then just come back after the conference and report on where you went, what you ate and how you liked it. That's the thank you that really shows you love us! (g)

                1. Jongewaard's Bake N Broil now has Olallieberry pies. It's not walking distance, but the pie is worth the trip. I can't guarantee they'll be available when you get here, since they are extremely seasonal. The pie and burger combo is a must get.

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                    No more Olallieberries. The pie is too sweet for me, but I had the shortcake a couple of times before it was too late. Yummy.

                  2. Try La Traviata at 301 N Cedar. Bistro fare, nice wine selection, and owner Mario is a character - he likes to chat and sometimes enjoy a glass of wine with customers. A few blocks walk from the Renaissance.

                    1. Joe Josts for an ultra frosty Schoonwr of beer, an egg salad sandwich, and a half dozen picketed eggs.

                      1. Thanks again for all the recommendations! I have to say, I ate like a Queen in Long Beach! The highlights:

                        Grilled fish tacos at Pier 76 Fish Grill- super casual and perfect for a quick lunch.

                        Falafel at Asha Mediterranean Kitchen

                        Mussels and pomme frites at James Republic with a very nice bottle of red zin. Great bustling atmosphere.

                        Scallops in a balsamic brandy cream sauce over mashed potatoes at Utopia. Probably the best meal of the weekend. That sauce was incredible.

                        Thanks again for all your help finding these places!

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                          hmm, utopia ?????

                          anyone else been ??????

                          thnks for the report.