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Jun 4, 2014 12:26 PM

El Tique in Highland Park ??????

Has anyone been ?????

What are your thoughts ?????


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  1. Kevin - is it really new?

    Cuz I'm not finding it on yelp, yellow pages or

    1. Kevin...are you thinking of El Pique, perhaps? (Their truck is a block west of the La Estrella truck on York.)

      If so, they've varied throughout the years (they made Gold's "Counter Intelligence" book back in the day), and do some things better than others. Their tacos de carnitas are pretty wonderful at the moment, while the tacos de asada aren't all that. All of that having been said, the line of customers there is usually as long as La Estrella these days, and that wasn't the case for a long while.

      BTW, the IFC show "Maron" shot at least a few scenes at El Pique. (Marc Maron, a comedian whose podcast "WTF" is essential, whereas the TV show's not so much–lives not too far away from there.)