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Jun 4, 2014 11:46 AM


I'll be going to Montauk for the first time in about 18 years in a few weeks.
What are the best places to hit? My wife is going to demand some seafood...

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  1. MY favorite new restaurant out there is Westlake Clam and Chowder, they just opened in the old Salivar building which you may remember from days of yore. Not only a wide assortment of off the boat fish but also great sushi.

    Another fun place is The Hideaway, it's Mexican and BBQ too. Cooked with love.

    For something a tiny bit classier, try the Inlet...the view is to die for.

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    1. re: coll

      Coll, are the dueling pancake places still pretty much the same? Have you had breakfast at The Hideaway?

      1. re: foodiemom10583

        As of last year, Anthonys was still there but they are so weird, personality wise at least. You never know how they're going to act. Johns is still called Johns but changed hands a few years back, and I hear not for the better.

        The thing is, breakfast is the one meal I don't love eating out so I'm not the best person to ask. When I do go out, I go to Bird on the Roof, they have some very interesting but not over the top stuff. The Hideaway, well I'd probably wait til a little later so I can have one of their Margaritas with my meal ;-)

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          What, no breakfast margaritas? ;)

          Thanks for the info. Bird on the Roof looks like a good option.

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            Bird has an outside patio if the weather is nice too. I really like them.

            Well if I'm vacation, you might be able to twist my arm....

    2. There is an article in today's Newsday about new East End restaurants including Montauk.

      1. "And like elsewhere in Long Island, you'll be more likely to encounter wasabi-crusted tuna or soy-glazed salmon than locally caught bluefish, striped bass, or fluke. So be it."

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        1. re: Gastronomos

          If you go to the touristy places, that may be true. Not even saying it is, I haven't hit too many of them. But I go to Montauk only for the local caught that day fish, and am never disappointed. Seared tuna or shark is my favorite; wasabi crusted not. Salmon sounds strange to me, but I can believe it, seeing as most of the new upscale proprietors hail from NYC.

          It is true that Montauk is changing, it's not a sleepy little fishing village anymore. For a taste of the old days, you have to search a bit. But there is still plenty of good old fashioned eating to be found.

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            I quoted that from an article in Eater yesterday. It wasn't Montauk they were referring to, but Long Beach. The quote just hits so squarely on the truth. I saw bluefish on the menu of a diner recently. It's about the last place on earth I would order any fish, but there it was.
            I had dining companions of mine last week order black sea bass at Le Bernadin only to be disappointed. My monkfish though was perfect. As was the salmon my SO ordered. Still Manhattan to Montauk I see a strong urge for sourcing farm raised fish and easy ways out. Our local waters are producing much better fish and much tastier fish.
            Our fishing trip limited us out in black sea bass and I found exceptional ways to prepare them. One of the ways was simply grilled and topped with a traditional ladolemono and another with salamura.
            I've made some really good fish chowder that makes me happy to know that we have a bounty of deliciousness in our own waters.
            I just would like to see something from out local waters. That frozen piece of swai or tilapia they bread heavily and deep fry and sell as "fried flounder" isn't quite the thing we're talking about.
            A steamed whole black sea bass at a local Asian joint is occasionally found, but that cuisine isn't for everyone.

            1. re: Gastronomos

              I am such a nut for local fish. We are so lucky to live on Long Island! Come on out to Montauk and you won't be disappointed.

              1. re: coll

                Here's a recent sign that changes daily in front of one of my favorite places....despite a recent influx of tourists, it's still old school