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Jun 4, 2014 10:12 AM

Tortilla Talk

Since this board has been quiet lately (I know you bastards are Yelping), let's talk tortillas.

Besides that Benny's trailer homemade flour tortilla, the most consistent flour tortillas, for me, is (gulp) Taco Cabana.

Most corn tortillas are garbage. I have had wonderful corn tortillas that blow any flour tortilla out of the water, but that was in Mexico. Who has the best home made corn tortillas?

Third category is the combo tortilla. I was at HEB recently and they were hawking some finger food served on a combination corn and flour tortilla. It was pretty damn good, not stellar, but had a good corn flavor with a better mouthfeel than the corn frisbees.

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  1. Have you tried El Milagro yellow corn tortillas? They are the only good store-bought tortilla that I've found.

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    1. re: elizgonz

      I will try them. You'd think I have after being here 25 years!

      1. re: rudeboy

        I make my own flour tortillas because I haven't found one that I like for purchase, but El Milagro's yellow corn tortilla is far, far better than what I can make at home. Their corn tortilla chips in the paper bag are also delish.

    2. Papalote's flour tortillas are always excellent. I'm just not a huge corn tortilla fan.

      1. Have you tried the rolled out you cook flour tortillas available at Costco in the dairy/cheese aisle? Thinner than I can make. Homemade flour tortillas are not too hard. And you can deep fry the same dough to make sopapillos.
        Mexicans often double up on corn tortillas when making tacos. It makes food go farther and is actually pretty good. I think the price of tortillas in Mexico is subsidized so tortilla machines have replaced the women patting them out by hand. Some stores esp in California have attached tortillarias that make fresh corn tortillas (and chips!) Daily.
        If you like corn you should try pozole, soup made with hominy. I prefer the red made with Chile to the green made with tomatillos.

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        1. re: divadmas

          I love posole - Las Manitas used to make a white, and that's my favorite. Or was. Any other white posoles that you know of?

        2. Rudeboy, I can't remember – have you not been to La Cocina de Conselo or are you not a fan? The tortillas are homemade and delicious, although when I eat corn tortillas there, it's usually as enchiladas, so it's harder to compare. The flour tortillas are my favorites in town. They're the thick kind.

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          1. re: kosheri

            Sadly, no. Everytime I notice it driving by I think "dammit, I need to go there."

          2. The best corn tortillas I've had in Austin were from La Fruta Feliz. Consistently fantastic.

            La Flor truck on South 1st has great corn and flour versions.

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            1. re: Joe MacBu

              +1 for La Fruta Feliz filled especially with pastor, carnitas, or goat barbacoa.

              My north central hood go to's:

              Corn: I've been recently addicted to the homemade corn version at Tierra Linda in the Shell Station on the corner of Fairfield and Research blvd. their lengua on one, and bacon/egg/cheese (cheddar) on another maize has been on my breakfast list every two or three days for a while. habanero salsa! They also have a unique brownish colored salsa I'm still trying to figure out that I love and they sell bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese. what's not to love?

              Flour: JR's tacos in the exon on Park Bend and Metric. Best Migas taco and the campechana taco is fantasitc.

              Corn / Flour: Sabrosita on HWY 35 and Rundberg