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Tortilla Talk

Since this board has been quiet lately (I know you bastards are Yelping), let's talk tortillas.

Besides that Benny's trailer homemade flour tortilla, the most consistent flour tortillas, for me, is (gulp) Taco Cabana.

Most corn tortillas are garbage. I have had wonderful corn tortillas that blow any flour tortilla out of the water, but that was in Mexico. Who has the best home made corn tortillas?

Third category is the combo tortilla. I was at HEB recently and they were hawking some finger food served on a combination corn and flour tortilla. It was pretty damn good, not stellar, but had a good corn flavor with a better mouthfeel than the corn frisbees.

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  1. Have you tried El Milagro yellow corn tortillas? They are the only good store-bought tortilla that I've found.

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      I will try them. You'd think I have after being here 25 years!

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        I make my own flour tortillas because I haven't found one that I like for purchase, but El Milagro's yellow corn tortilla is far, far better than what I can make at home. Their corn tortilla chips in the paper bag are also delish.

    2. Papalote's flour tortillas are always excellent. I'm just not a huge corn tortilla fan.

      1. Have you tried the rolled out you cook flour tortillas available at Costco in the dairy/cheese aisle? Thinner than I can make. Homemade flour tortillas are not too hard. And you can deep fry the same dough to make sopapillos.
        Mexicans often double up on corn tortillas when making tacos. It makes food go farther and is actually pretty good. I think the price of tortillas in Mexico is subsidized so tortilla machines have replaced the women patting them out by hand. Some stores esp in California have attached tortillarias that make fresh corn tortillas (and chips!) Daily.
        If you like corn you should try pozole, soup made with hominy. I prefer the red made with Chile to the green made with tomatillos.

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          I love posole - Las Manitas used to make a white, and that's my favorite. Or was. Any other white posoles that you know of?

        2. Rudeboy, I can't remember – have you not been to La Cocina de Conselo or are you not a fan? The tortillas are homemade and delicious, although when I eat corn tortillas there, it's usually as enchiladas, so it's harder to compare. The flour tortillas are my favorites in town. They're the thick kind.

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            Sadly, no. Everytime I notice it driving by I think "dammit, I need to go there."

          2. The best corn tortillas I've had in Austin were from La Fruta Feliz. Consistently fantastic.

            La Flor truck on South 1st has great corn and flour versions.

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              +1 for La Fruta Feliz filled especially with pastor, carnitas, or goat barbacoa.

              My north central hood go to's:

              Corn: I've been recently addicted to the homemade corn version at Tierra Linda in the Shell Station on the corner of Fairfield and Research blvd. their lengua on one, and bacon/egg/cheese (cheddar) on another maize has been on my breakfast list every two or three days for a while. habanero salsa! They also have a unique brownish colored salsa I'm still trying to figure out that I love and they sell bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese. what's not to love?

              Flour: JR's tacos in the exon on Park Bend and Metric. Best Migas taco and the campechana taco is fantasitc.

              Corn / Flour: Sabrosita on HWY 35 and Rundberg

            2. The better HEB's in Houston have delicious made in store flour tortillas.

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                I wonder about the one on N Lamar - anybody know if they have a tortilleria??

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                  i go to hancock and parmer, sometimes braker. the former makes them in-house at a tortilla station, whereas the latter has them fresh made, but either get them from another store or just make them in the back. given this, it would make sense for the N.Lamar/Rundberg location to have a tortilleria and especially so to go with the Mi Tienda concept.

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                    the tortillas (corn and wheat flour combo) that Sabrosita's tortilleria on the corner of 35 and rundberg are great and you can buy all you want along with their avocado salsa, etc. great little spot.

              2. Los pinos out on 2244 has great homemade corn and flour tortillas. Everything I've tried on the menu has been good. A nice place with reasonable prices, friendly staff and generous portions.
                Veracruz All Natural on E. Cesar Chavez next to the Shell station has excellent homemade flour, corn tortillas and homemade chips. 3 salsas. I love the migas taco. They have a video on youtube.
                Taqueria Morelo on 183 south of 71 has excellent homemade flour tortillas and homemade corn chips. They are hot and wet served in the basket just waiting on that salt shaker. A nice little dive, low prices, good food and service.
                Al Pastor on E. Riverside has homemade flour tortillas. Not sure about the corn. I like the food but I am not as fanatic about it as some.
                One place I have not tried is on Braker and I35 next to Sherwin Williams that is a tortillaria. It's called Rio Grande. There is a south location at S.1st and William Cannon near the Sherwin Williams. They also make their own chips.
                The only thing about El Milagro is the lack of salt though I love that thin white corn style.
                I'm sure there are a few others that escape me now.

                1. Like the flour at JR Tacos on Metric recently brought to attention by slowcooked. For corn, Taco Rico is my favorite.

                  1. i will second those combo tortillas from HEB. they crisp up nice too in the pan like corn tortillas.

                    i also like the tortillas at lupe tortilla. and the ones at the sonoran hot dog cart are pretty unique too.

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                      Good to know the combo ones "cook up," I'll get some, then. I'm sure that, overall, they must be healthier that straight flour.

                    2. El Nuevo Mexico - Anderson/N.Lamar/183, near Misung 888. they make flour and corn

                      El Tortilleria Grande - N.Lamar & Wm. Cannon. they make flour and corn, which you can see them making behind the register. i've only had the corn. Buy a pound (~10) for $1, I think.

                      Taco Joint - San Jacinto next to Crown & Anchor. Have not been here. really need to go. seen pictures of their tacos in homemade flour - looks so delicious

                      Serranos - Went there many, many years ago and remembered their flour tortillas being super flaky and translucent. Went back last week and had an expensive, not authentic, but tender carnitas plate. Their flour was not bad, definitely homemade and so were the corn, but the corn was super rubbery.

                      Casa Garcia - Only been to the one in Pflugerville. Food and service was weird, but at least the tortillas were homemade.

                      La Casita - Anderson Ln. Right at the train tracks. My go-to mexican restaurant for a regular weeknight dinner. They make their own corn, but not flour.

                      Non-homemade, grocery store flour tortillas stink, literally. They smell awful! and they're gummy and sickly sweet. I'm at a point now where I feel nauseated just smelling a store bought flour tortilla. Even the semi-raw ones at HEB next to the eggs or dairy are kinda smelly.

                      A new packaged flour brand called "El Aguilar" or something aren't too bad. HEB had a combo loco that included them as a freebie when you bought a bunch of sausages. They're in the bread isle. Irregularly shaped and have a translucent-ness. Never trust a stark white tortilla!

                      All that to say, I always have the HEB flour tortillas in my fridge. The new corn/flour ones are interesting. They need to be toasted beforehand, otherwise their very sticky and tacky.

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                        how is El Nuevo Mexico? Never been in but it's around the corner.

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                          I love Casa Garcia's (in Kyle) tortillas. sadly their 'coa is horrible...

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                            I second tortilleria Rio grande on william cannon. Haven't tried the corn tortilaas, but the flour ones are fantastic.

                          2. Head on over to La Canaria - the yellow taco truck at the corner of 51st and Airport. Get there at the right time and you will see the big mound of moist masa they pull from for the days corn tortillas. Or go for a sopa and they will lay that masa in a thick cake, fry it and top it with your choice of meat.

                            Besides that, I risk sounding like a broken record, recommending once again Amaya's for the village tacos on possibly the best corn tortillas in the city.

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                            1. re: Alan Sudo

                              Always good to hear from you, Alan Sudo. I think we all need periodic reminders to visit Amaya's (I've yet to go to their new location).

                              What's the right time for the truck at 51st and Airport? Or is is just luck?

                              1. re: rudeboy

                                I think it's just luck. She makes a stack in the morning for breakfast/lunch, and then makes more through out the day as she starts to run low. But even if they are not being made at the exact moment you go, they are still really good.

                            2. Trader Joe's makes a good organic combo tortila -- whole wheat and corn. Not super thin and flexible, but nice full wheat and corn flavor and very reasonable price for an all-organic product.

                              1. I've long been a fan of the corn tortillas at Angie's, especially in combination with their carnitas.

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                                  the puffy corn with carnitas is certainly in my top ten bites in town. so corny and porky at once. just dripping with grease, but so perfect nonetheless.