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Jun 4, 2014 09:41 AM

Smith Road Produce Stand

I wanted to give a heads up to all the fans of the former NoName Produce Stand that was located off of Germantown Pike at Smith Road near Methacton High School. They had to change their location and are now operating at 821 Collegeville Road in Skippack Township near the little airfield and Evansburg State Park. They are open and selling very limited selection but will be selling all of their wonderful produce when they are ready for picking later this month. Great local produce and wonderful owners! Can't wait for the corn and tomatoes.

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  1. Thanks! I tried the Chestnut Hill Market recently (not the Fareway) and they had very limited produce. Lineer was out of strawberries by the time I arrived. Also went to Maple Acres in Plymouth Meeting and they didn't have much yet either. What they did have looked kind of straggly! Can't wait for the markets to be in full swing. It won't be long now except corn and tomatoes are usually a July/August crop.

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      Try the corn now at Maple Acres, just perfect!

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        Thanks! So the corn is finally in? We just took a trip up to MA this past weekend and I only saw corn at one stand. I'll definitely try to get out to Maple Acres this weekend.

        BTW - not sure you were part of the discussion about the Birchrunville Store Cafe, but we have reservations this Saturday night. Really looking forward to it.

    2. Yes, thank you. I was a regular at the stand and was very sad to here last year that they were moving. It's a bit more of a drive for me...but my kids like to go to Evansburg Park to play...so we can do both now. The stand has been the only place my kids have wanted to get their Halloween pumpkins. Their corn and produce has alway been good and reasonably priced. I will continue to support their business.

      1. Many thanks. I was about to email Peggy to find out the exact location. I'll definitely be up but it won't be nearly as convenient as it has been for the past 21 years.

        AND, to their former greedy landlord who forced them off the lot:.... A pox on all fresh produce thou shalt consume into perpetuity, knave. Ye never had it so good.


        P.S. For all friends of the Famous No-Name, let us keep this thread alive with what goodies are coming in. Tell Peggy "Paul from Mongolia" sent you. She'll know.

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          I agree with you 100% about the landlord situation!
          I will trek to the new location,though the old spot was much more convenient for me. I know that the veggies, fruit and flowers at the stand will be wonderful as they have always been. Peggy and Barry are good people and sure know how to grow delicious, well priced food.

        2. Here's the latest from the Smith Road NoName Stand on Facebook:


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            Thank you for the link...makes it much easier to find out what is going on and what they have available.

          2. I took the kids on a hike at Evansburg Park on Sunday...so I went over and found the new spot. Very nice...with plenty of parking. Looking foward to some good corn!