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Jun 4, 2014 09:26 AM

Food Safety Question

I'm just pulling out a package of beef chuck steaks to pop in the crock pot to make Barbacoa Beef. When I pulled it out of the fridge, I noticed that there's a hole in the packaging.

My husband did the grocery shopping and putting away, so I have no idea whether that hole was there when he bough it, or if one of us accidentally made a hole with our thumb when putting it away or moving things in the fridge.

I've read that it's safe to eat meat with torn packages that has been frozen, but can't find anything about meat that's just been refrigerated. What would you do? It was a family sized portion (so rather large) that I'd rather not toss unnecessarily, but obviously don't want to do anything dangerous either.

If it makes any difference, the meat is packaged in saran-wrap type material, and then we always stick it inside an additional plastic bag. The coloring of the meat is still red, and as far as I can tell, smells totally fine.

I appreciate any input.

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  1. Personally, I wouldn't be that concerned if the meat came from a reputable grocery store, and you're cooking the snot out of it to make barbacoa. Sashimi is a different story, but for something like that, I probably wouldn't serve to guests, but I'd eat it.

    1. Go ahead with your plan. Unless you smell it being obviously rotten, it is fine. Hey, people dry age their steaks in the fridge for days, uncovered.

      1. The beef passed the sniff test and looks fine. I would use it.

        1. Sounds fine to me. I'm generally a cautious sort, but I wouldn't hesitate to use this meat if, as you say, it passed the sight and smell tests.

          1. First, thank you mods for getting this where it needs to be--I apologize for putting it in the wrong spot! I'm new here, though I've occasionally visited in the past.

            Second, thank you all for your input. I tend to be overly cautious with food safety things, and my husband tends to the opposite end of the spectrum. Sometimes we need an outside opinion. The barbacoa is in the crock pot as we speak :)