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Jun 4, 2014 08:03 AM

lunch and dinner in Baltimore with 2 kids

Hi all, I will be staying in Inner Harbor at the Sheraton on a Saturday night. I am looking for a dinner spot(wherever not in Inner Harbor) that my wife and I and also my 13-14 yr old boys would like. We all love seafood(it doesn't have to crab cakes). also sunday brunch would be great as well. Woodbury Kitchen? too much for kids? they eat out a lot though. thanks in advance

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  1. A place I love for great, fresh seafood is the Black Olive. It's also fun for kids because you can go up and actually see the fresh, raw fish available that evening. It's also close to Fell's Point, which is a very fun neighborhood to walk around (cobblestone streets, lots of small, funky stores). There's a delicious gelato shop (Pitango Gelato) a block or so from the restaurant, so you may want to save room for dessert. Another restaurant my kids love is the Spanish restaurant, Tio Pepes-- it has been around for decades, and is considered a classic place here. I love their seafood dishes, and what's fun for kids is that they prepare a lot table side.
    As for brunch, if you want to experience a vibrant part of our City, I'd urge you to go to the JFX farmer's market. So many delicious fresh and prepared foods. Your kids will love it! If you really want a sit-down place, you might want to check out the Papermoon diner. Its draw is its decor-- there are old toys, games, and pez dispensers everywhere-- great eye candy. Woodbury Kitchen is a good option for dinner and brunch, and definitely kid-friendly. If your goal is to eat great, local food, you can't go wrong there.

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      hi stephanieg, that's for the ideas we love farmers markets. I will look these all up and get back to you with any questions if that's ok thanks again

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        The problem with Paper Moon is that the food is terrible. Breakfast is the best of the lot, but even that is only so-so.

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          For a sit-down brunch, if you don't want to go out to Woodberry Kitchen (which is a ways from the Inner Harbor), you might consider Miss Shirley's. I've only eaten at the Hampden location but assume the location downtown is equally good. No reservations and often a wait, however.

      2. LP Steamers in Locust Point (directly opposite the harbor from the Sheraton). Excellent seafood restaurant with fabulous steamed shrimp and fries tossed with old bay seasoning. A selection of crabs, crab cakes and oysters as well. Unpretentious and has a great old fashioned Baltimore vibe.

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          my kids love old bay steamed shrimp. I like old fashioned...I mean drink an old fashioned ;)

        2. great crab cakes, grilled calamari, grilled whole bronzino and great greek food at Samos which is a short cab ride from inner harbor. byob and no reservations
          2nd the SUNDAY JFX farmers market. eat and shop there but you have to get there early
          Bond Street Social is a neat restaurant which opens to the street for good people watching, Thames St Oyster house is also good. Both are a short cab ride or you can water taxi from the inner harbor to Fells Point where both restaurants are. Good to walk around Fells Point and take in the shops and interesting eclectic people.
          Miss Shirley: take the kids there for breakfast for sure

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            Both Woodberry Kitchen and Thames Street Oyser House are very popular, so book ahead. I think Black Olive is a bit too formal for 13 year olds

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              It definitely depends on the kids. In terms of atmosphere, Black Olive is pretty casual, and it's definitely a place where you can fit in wearing jeans or a nicer outfit. It is a slower place meal, so your kids will have to love the dining experience. I have an 8 and 11 year old, and I think we first took them there about 2 years ago. It remains one of their favorite special occasion places.

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              just a heads-up.. samos is CASH only.

            3. Suggestion for Dinner...Ryleighs Oyster Bar in the Cross St Market area...lotsa good seafood...casual
              Brunch on Sunday Hull Street Blues near Ft McHenry (off Fort Ave

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                A note to the OP: some of us have been giving you what we think of as the best way to taste Baltimore, e.g. the Hampden area, Paper Moon, Hull Street Blues Cafe. Others have offered you the best food that baltimore offers, such as Charleston and Cinghiale.

                I'm not sure which you are looking for, but you have a good sample of both.

                1. re: curioussheridan

                  I appreciate both actually. I often look for both options and go with what seems to fit best at the time. I love showing my wife and kids new experiences and also don't mind dressing them up to learn finer points as well. I was lucky to have parents that did that for me and want to continue it.