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Jun 4, 2014 07:33 AM

Rovinj, Croatia Aqua 2 for dinner

Has anyone been to Aqua 2? Clearly the restaurant Monte is the most well known restaurant for foodies but it is very expensive and since we are primarily seafood eaters it doesn't seem worth it. Thoughts on Aqua 2?

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  1. I have not been to Aqua 2 which has hit and miss reviews. My choice for good seafood at a reasonable price would be Kantinon.

    1. Here's what I wrote up after our 2012 visit to Rovinj:

      Puntalina Restaurant: This restaurant is along the water, literally the last restaurant after what seems to be many blocks of restaurants next to one another. From the back porch, the view over the water is glorious. Happily, this is a restaurant that doesn’t sacrifice good food for a good view. My husband and I shared an order of spicy octopus and an order of calamari over polenta. For the first dish, we were given a choice between spicy and non-spicy. Chileheads will be very unimpressed by the level of heat, but we found the seasoning to be just right. Spicy enough to have some authority but not so spicy that the taste of the octopus was overwhelmed. The rings of calamari were very tender and the polenta absorbed the lovely broth of tomato and shellfish stock.

      Puntalina -- along with Aqua 2 and Monte -- are reviewed in Trip Advisor. We ate lunch there. I don't think we compromised our foodie cred by eating Puntalina's delicious food and I'm confident it was less expensive than Monte.