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Jun 4, 2014 06:39 AM

Chinese takeout - UES

I have been ordering happily from Wa Jeal for many years, but I had recently heard about a relatively new place, A Jiao, which is closer to where I live. So, last night we ordered from them. Although the Dan Dan noodles were good, IMO none of the food was as good as the counterparts at Wa Jeal. This was particularly true of the twice cooked pork with spicy capsicum. Has anyone else done this taste test?

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  1. We've eaten there. I also compare it to Wa Jeal. But We give Wa Jeal an edge. Still A Jiao is only a block from my home so if we don't feel like schlepping down to 83 St. we go there.

    1. Me too. A Jiao is OK, but Wa Jeal is better.

      1. I just visited NYC from San Francisco and A-Jiao was recommended on Chowhound before this thread was started. Unfortunately I blew one of my few restaurant meals eating there. What I am reading here just confirms that.

        1. I tried to make the switch to A-Jiao for the same reasons as you, but none of my orders have been anywhere near as good as what I've come to expect from Wa Jeal. I didn't like the dan dan noodles at A-Jiao and certainly didn't like that same weak sauce when it was drizzled over tough Sichuan wontons. The double cooked pork dishes have also been disappointing. I have a feeling they might just be marketing themselves as a Szechuanese restaurant to stand out from the pack.