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Feb 11, 2005 05:32 PM

Montreal's best hot-dogs

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Now I know that Montreal doesn't really have a good hot-dog reputation, and for the most part that's well deserved. The steamies here are nothing compared to a New York or Chicago dog, or for that matter, most dogs anywhere in the U.S.. The toppings are kind of weird (coleslaw), and the dogs aren't grilled or cooked in any particularly interesting way. That said, however, hot-dogs are still an integral part of the Montreal culinary landscape -what with all the 50 cent hot-dogs around, and the multitude of Casse-croutes in this city - and I feel that they deserve a fairer shake. In the spirit of trying to route out the best hot-dog places in Montreal, chain or non-chain alike, I was wondering if any of you out there knows of interesting/special/differnt or just plain great hot-dog that would be worth trying. Hope there's some good ideas.

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  1. Decarie Hot Dogs

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      love montreal

      Montreal pool hall, the best. Got to love the atmosphere too!

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        Haven't been to the Pool Room in many years, but if it's still the same, then the problem is as the original poster said: there's nothing really special about a Montreal hot dog. They all serve the same miserable little mystery-meat weiner on the same depressing white bun. Having a toastie helps things somewhat, but a little grilling turns your 50-cent dog into a $1.50 ripoff. If the Pool Room still does it better, great, but in the end it's still a Lesters frank on a Weston bun.

        I used to enjoy the Euro dogs at La Cervoise, before it burned down a few years ago. They'd take a piece of baguette and impale it on a special machine that lightly toasted the inside, into which were put condiments and the sausage (which was decent quality). I wouldn't know where to look for something like this now...

        La Chilenita has Completos, which are Chilean hot dogs. Haven't had one in a long time, but IIRC it's an ordinary wiener on a better quality bun with more interesting condiments than usual.

        What's really needed, I think, is a place that serves a good all-beef kosher hot dog. There must be one out there...

        1. re: Marty

          Costco has the best hotdogs.
          It's 100% all beef koshered for $2 including a drink:D
          They also have polish hot dogs too.

          1. re: Jessie

            Montreal's Best Hot Dog's are to be found at New Canada Hot Dog. This hot-dog stand has been on the corner of des Erables and Beaubien in Rosemont district for the past 32 years. Still a Lester's weiner and a POM bun, but the secret to a good steamy is the temperature it is steamed at and the quality of the coleslaw.

            I have to admit, their cleanliness is impeccable too..Come spring time people are lined up around the corner. If you ever make it out there make sure Mr. Louie makes your dog...he is the master...

    2. l

      I believe 3 Brassuers on St. Denis near the St. Denis Theater has the Euro Dog machine of which you refer. My wife and I had a few drinks at the bar last summer during Just For Laughs, and the machine was on the shelf behind the bar. I believe they call it a Parisien, and have a combo meal of some sort for around $6.95. I did watch one prepared, however, and it is the baquette lowered over this metal spear and heated, and then the dog placed inside.
      (Boston area Chowhound from the Boston and New England boards who travels to Montreal yearly)


      1. Interesting thread indeed...

        First I must say, although I agree with you a Chicago frank is superior in taste and quality, I don't think I would state that Montreal is deprived of the masterful hot-dog, as I have not found any other city that masters the Montreal steemie better.Hence the name.

        I used to go to Montreal Pool Room in the early 90's but stopped going there when the original owners sold out.Best I found so far since then is D├ęcarie hot dog in St-Laurent but I will have to try out that New Canada hot dog place.

        Heard good things about Hot Dog Victoire down Beaver Hall also but haven't tried it yet, either.

        1. I ate several hot dogs in Montreal in the late 1980's. At the pool hall down towards the lower end of St. Laurent Blvd., and also at Olympic Stadium for Expos Games. I've sampled hot dogs in a lot of different cities, and the thing I think makes Montreal hot dogs somewhat distinctive is a certain "cereal" filler taste to the hot dog. You could say it is mystery meat, but it's not that bad. So bad it's good you might say. I've never come across that peculiar taste in any other hot dog, and I can't put my finger on it exactly, but definitely the flavor is different.

          1. hello liam,
            the best of anything is usually what you were brought on. i have eaten hotdogs in new york (average), chicago (good), florida (below average), north carolina (ok), germany (awesome), ireland (very good), and montreal (very good). some people would think putting tomatoes, pickles, hot peppers, etc on a hotdog is disgusting. as for the coleslaw, americans put coleslaw on pulled pork smoked bbq! why coleslaw? oh yeh, because it taste good. try and widen the horizons a little and try and appreciate a local food for it is..........a local food to a specific region.

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              ermmm, that poster wrote this back in 2005. Not sure if he's still a member today?