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Jun 3, 2014 09:01 PM

21st Birthday

I'm looking for opinions on where to go for my 21st birthday. Group of 6-10. Price range for cocktails/drinks would be under $10. Location would be downtown Minneapolis. Nothing too fancy or too hipster. What are the best bars, dance venues to go to, or fun drinks to try?

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  1. So this is more a dining board than drinking board, but here goes.....

    In that price range, you are kind of limited to the college bars located on 1st Avenue. Think loud music and meat market. The Pour House, at least last summer, was probably the most popular.

    To start the evening, if its nice, I'd try a few roof top patios. Union, Seven, and Solara are all excellent patios, often with live djs and a great vibe. Then move on to drink at the plethora of bars on 1st.

    Later on, if the college bar scene is not doing the trick, I'd try the speak easy (Marvel Bar) at Bachelor Farmer or Prohibition up at the top of the foshay tower, though both have pricey drinks, and a more subdued atmosphere.

    1. Despite the prices, I second Marvel bar. I'm not a big fan of Prohibition. You could also try Masa at happy hour. They have great cocktails.