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Jun 3, 2014 05:39 PM

Little Buddha located in the Ridge Hill shopping center, Yonkers

Oh so terrible...
This is not about working out the kinks of a newly opened restaurant.
This place was beyond terrible. It was highly processed bad frozen food...Actually there are many better fast food chains serving better food and tastier choices in the frozen foods section of most supermarkets.
Below some of the highs and lows of the meal
shrimp shumai: see the pic and video I brought a couple home to demonstrate their very unique quality...move over super ball you have competition ...what can I say!
calamari salad...Tasteless calamari, sugar overload in the dressing that was on the greens
"amazing " calamari: amazing because I don't think it was actually calamari, more like some type of underfried processed compressed something molded into ring shapes, sugar overload in the dipping sauce
wonton soup: broth had a strange and salty unpleasant flavor, wontons looked really good tasted like s_ _ _.
Five spice chicken: inedible
Steak teriyaki this dish was the only edible dish ordered and was just that, edible.
Our server had an extremely heavy accent which made it almost impossible for us to understand him...he appeared to be having the same problem understanding us and snapped at us a couple of times.
Apparently this is the fourth restaurant opened and owned by the same person.
Buddha in Rye Brook, Lucky Buddha Thornwood and Yumi in Pelham.
I am at a complete loss, has anyone eaten at any of his other places, are they all this bad Little Buddha, who eats this s_ _ _???

As far as the restaurants ambiance, someone at my table said she was waiting for two Vietnamese karaoke singers to appear and start singing Horse with no name.
For those not familiar (see the karaoke scene from Air America)

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  1. Follow the bouncing shumai! Sounds terrible - thanks for the warning. I'd rather have take-out from my local place.

    1. My co-workers and I have been to Lucky Buddha in Thornwood for lunch several times in the last year. Food has always been decent to good. Service was quick and efficient, and we did not find any language barrier. Of course, every restaurant is different (different servers and chefs) so your experience may be limited to the one in Yonkers.

      1. chowdom, I think you have provided invaluable info to both the chow community and, even more so, the owners of this group of restaurants. I hope they see your post and thank you with a large gift card as compensation for the horrid/disappointing meal and the feedback you took the time to provide to this organization.
        Companies that don't value feedback, especially negative comments, are ignorant, inexperienced, and/or have a death wish.
        Kudos to you!

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          Thx mrsdebdav, I did stop on my way out to talk to the owner/manager. He was super nice but very overwhelmed there was food from other tables going back to the kitchen.
          I thought about this restaurant after I read your post
          I think my ranting about Little Buddha is no different than if I were ranting about any other bad chain restaurant that pretends to serve real authentic food.
          Applebee's, olive garden, Red name a few
          It is unfortunate that many will try this restaurant and be turned off to ethnic food forever...or worse think that this is really the genuine cuisine. Pics of some type of chicken and "amazing calamari"