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Jun 3, 2014 05:12 PM

Capri & Positano

Searched the board but many of the posts were older. Looking for local type places with great food. If you had to choose the quintessential Positano restaurant and the quintessential Capri restaurant, what would they be? I will be in each city three days.

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  1. Flowergirl you will be traveling to our favorite place on earth! My wife & I have spent much more time on Capri than Positano but I can recommend restaurants for both locations. Often the best are not necessarily super formal or fancy but the best in Positano are more formal than on Capri (in my opinion). In Positano consider La Sponda at the Sirenuse hotel or Zass at Il San Pietro. Also consider Max in Positano. I would like to point out that one of the nicest nights we had in Positano was spend at Champagne & Oyster bar at Sirenuse.. We had a bunch of cold martini's, crudo and oysters. Heaven.

    On capri we like Da Giorgio for the best linguini with white clam sauce and fresh fish. Not fancy but just great food. Also Aurora, Mamma, Da Paolino, L'altro Vissani are our favorites. The restaurant at the Capri Palace hotel in Anacapri is very special but quite expensive and formal.

    On Capri you must visit a beach club one day. Il Riccio is our favorite. It's near the blue grotto.

    Hope this helps and you enjoy yourself.

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      We were in Capri a few years ago and DaGiorgio was our favorite. Great food, friendly people, we loved it!!

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        I think if I were heading to Capri, my initial impulse would be to make a beeline to Mamma, Gennaro Esposito's place there

        can you tell us more about your experience at Mamma?

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          Really enjoyed Mamma but felt the room was way too bright. Da Giorgio and Aurora are still our favorites. We will be on Capri in a month and plan to dine at Mamma again.

      2. If you are looking for something slightly more rustic than Zass or La Sponda (both excellent restaurants) in Positano try Da Adolfo. Take a small boat from the main pier in Positano (or have your hotel organize a private boat transfer) and order zuppe de cozze, mozzarella grilled on lemon leaves and fresh grilled fish.

        In Capri I like Il Faro beach club.

        Capri in the evening is all about the scene. If you want to spot the celebrities (and paparazzi) go to Aurora, just around the corner from the Piazzetta.

        1. One of my favorites in Pos is Tre Sorelle right on the beach. Great grilled seafood, good wine, and great people watching and views of the ocean.

          Bar Bruno is also great, with beautiful views over the town.

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            Thank you all so much. It's our first time to this part of Italy and I am getting excited just reading your posts. We are happy with less formal places with local flavor. Anything on or overlooking the sea is a huge plus.

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              I have to go, but on my list for this year's Pos trip is Lo Guaracino. It is on the pathway to Fornillo Beach, has a great view and the food is well reviewed. A favorite of a couple of regular posters.

              In the morning I love to go to the bar under Buca di Bacco and have an iced coffee and roll for breakfast, sit on the stools (outside) and watch the town come to life.

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              Thanks for all the recommendations, via the OP. I am taking my 85-year old mom (along with my two daughters) and want to make it a really special if anyone has info to add about the above restaurants on Capri (or any others) that concerns accessibility--she can walk ok but not a lot not nor lots and lots of steps--I would love to hear it.
              Abbia un grande viaggio!

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                Capri in general does not have nearly as many steps and is much esker to get arounds than most of the other towns along the coast.

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                  ah, wonderful to hear! It's my mother's lifelong dream (via "Roman Holiday") to see it. Thanks for the info!