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Jun 3, 2014 04:58 PM

Best Restaurant for a Birthday near Monmouth County

I am looking for a restaurant to celebrate my birthday near Monmouth county. Quality of food is the most important thing to me

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  1. Which part of Monmouth County are you near? If your near Freehold, I'd recommend Solo, If your near Belmar I'd recommend Brandl, if your near Keyport, I'd recommend Drew's, If you're on a boat near Sandy Hook I'd recommend Copper Canyon, or the new place Fresh. Four corners of the county. Didn't mention any places in the middle though.

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    1. re: Herm

      marlboro but willing to travel for a good place

      1. re: shap89

        First off, I can't believe that I misused 'your' wrong so many times in my previous post. I've been enjoying Solo Trattoria in Freehold lately. Nice Italian place with good pasta dishes. I don't really know of anything in Marlboro that I would could suggest.

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      1. If food is most important, go to Nicholas.

        1. As joon mentioned, nicholas is a great spot. If money is not an object, try the "chef's table" where you can sit downstairs and see the kitchen in action. It is quite a culinary experience!

          1. I'm just curious as to how you worded your title "near Monmouth County"? Near but not "in" Monmouth?

            If "in" is accurate Nicholas as others have mentioned is one of the finest restaurants in the state so that's an easy pick.

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            1. re: jrvedivici

              basically willing to travel up to 30 minutes in any direction from marlboro so if its not technically in monmouth I dont care. Nicholas sounds good but might be a little out there for some of my family

              1. re: shap89

                I would give a strong recommendation for Drew's in Keyport as a potentially more affordable option. The menu is rather bold and so is his cooking style, not traditional by any means, but EXCELLENT combination of flavors.